Nails done, hair done, everything DID

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…Okay so I only got my hair did but I love it! I tried out a deal from Buytopia this morning and feel the need to share it with you right away. Buytopia is running a deal with A&B Creative Looks in Woodbridge:

$29 for a Wash, Cut, Style, Blow Dry, Deep Conditioning Treatment and Partial Highlights

A & B Creative Looks Beauty Salon & Spa ($120 Value)


I did everything but the partial highlights (I have virgin hair and I want to keep it that way). The deep conditioning treatment was fantastic — it felt like a scalp massage. It was so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep and the conditioner smelled GREAT. I’m very picky about who cuts my hair and how they do it, so checking out this deal for ya’ll was a BIG risk on my part.

Thankfully Ranjit took this…


AND turned it into THIS…


GAWD! I hate selfies but I love the way Ranjit cut, styled, and blow dried my hair. It feels smooth and silky, and it’s actually shiny! If you’re looking to purchase this deal please start by using my Buytopia affiliate link — that way they know who sent you ;). Click HERE!

I’ll be checking out an event at Minling Pan Studio tonight with my lovely friend Lina! The recap will be on the Chic Darling website soon.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day, I’m off to part-time job #2!

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

Moda L Boutique, Where Fashion meets Love

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I found this place that I really don’t want to tell you about. Yes, you read that right, I don’t want to share it with you. Why? Simply because I’ve finally found a boutique (close to home) with unique pieces for every occasion and I don’t want you to end up wearing the same thing as me, that’s why!

Fine, fine, you broke me down – I was being a little bit crazybeautiful  selfish.

The boutique is Moda L Boutique in Woodbridge. The owner is a lovely lady named Linda Lupo and the boutique is beautiful, simple, and chic (decorated by Dianne Carbone).

The jeans are to die for, I wanted to purchase about three pairs!

PERFECT for an evening out or a day in the office – depending on your accessories and shoes!

See that blank spot in the top right box? I bought the necklace that was hanging on the mannequin as a Christmas gift – beautiful and affordable.

Favourite evening look. Sexy, simple, and classy.

Favourite casual look – the vest is so soft!


As you can see, Linda carries a huge selection of clothing, jewelry, scarves, bags, and shoes. She carries a long list of great brands including Valentino, Missoni, Etro, Pink Violet,  Paracuso, Sevens, Miss Me, and many more.

There is so much to choose from, whether you’re looking for work clothes, evening wear, a date-night outfit, a prom dress, or everyday costume jewelry. Now do you understand why I didn’t want to tell you about this place?!

I got a chance to talk to the owner (a friend of my Mama) and asked her if I could write about her store; she was humbled. She told me that she’s always loved working in retail, and dressing people – making other women look and feel great. She owned a boutique  for about 12 years but decided to close because she wanted to raise her two boys. She always knew she would do it again and lucky for us, she has.

So, what’re you waiting for?

Check out this FAB boutique and tell Linda that I sent you! 😉

Love Always
Vanessa Xo