When I’m Happy, I Gain Weight

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“Once her love had been publicized, it would gain weight (literally), become a burden.”
Milan Kundera (The Unbearable Lightness of Being)

Is it just me (and my boyfriend) who gain weight when we’re happy? Seriously, over the last six years I’ve noticed that when we have the least amount of stress in our lives, or when we’re at a really good place with each other, we tend to gain weight. I’m not a psychology major so I don’t know if there is a connection between love/happiness and weight. What I do know is that recently my boyfriend and I have put on a few pounds and both of us are feeling uncomfortable. My jeans have gotten a little to snug and over the weekend he had a hard time buttoning up his dress pants. If you’ve read my fitness post on the Passion8 blog, you’ll know that I believe in the old everything in moderation mantra. So, Alex and I decided to start eating a bit healthier; limit alcohol intake, no more cream in my coffee, salads over fries, chicken over red meat, and no more snacks before bed. We’re not out to lose a million pounds, nor do we feel it necessary to be skinny. We just want to feel healthy and make better choices when it comes to eating.

-2Throughout the day we’ve been sending each other photos of our meals and snacks. I’m not sure if it’s a competitive thing or just a friendly bit of motivation, either way it seems to be working. My biggest problem is what to have for breakfast, my mom makes the most delicious muffins in the world and I can’t get out of the habit of eating one each morning (and sometimes one before bed). They complement my coffee than cereal, plus they’re convenient and hit my cravings for something sweet. Do you guys have any ideas for breakfast? A healthy granola or something? I would love to try out a recipe!

Happy Friday!

Love Always,

Vanessa Xo