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If you follow me on any of my social networks — Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook — you may have noticed that I am officially an AUNT. At 8:22 am Saturday morning, a week before her due date, my sister called me to tell me that her water broke. Immediately I hit FREAK-OUT mode, my parents were on the way home from the cottage and I had no idea how long it took to have a baby after your water had broken. Thankfully my parents got home an hour or so later and I went to the hospital with my mom to be with my sister and brother-in-law. For the next 8+ hours I sat by and watched my sister go through labour.


My sister, being the laid back woman she is, smiled the entire time. She breathed through her contractions and was the strong, quiet type. The pain was intense but between my mom, brother-in-law, and myself we distracted her, made her laugh, and kept her spirits up. At 7:20 pm my sister finally began to push and within twenty minutes the beautiful baby Isabelle was born. I wasn’t in the delivery room but my mom and Richard said that Jessica did a wonderful job, and we’re all proud of her.

For a few weeks now I’ve been utterly bored with my life (what a silly thing to be, but that I am nonetheless). I’ve been craving change, action, and adventure. I’ve been itching to travel. I’ve been distracted and not really myself. Yesterday changed all of that. Not only was it busy and nerve-wrecking but it was one of the most amazing days of my life. My sister became a mother, my brother-in-law became a father, and by extension I became an aunt. Tears stung my eyes the moment I walked into the delivery room and saw the little family. My sister held my niece tightly and she and her husband smiled the proudest, happiest smiles I’ve ever seen. One look in their baby girl’s eyes and I knew I was in love. She’s here, she’s actually here… I kept thinking and in that moment I forgot about everything and I felt truly thankful. She is the most beautiful miracle I’ve ever witnessed and I am so lucky to be her aunt.

I hope your weekend was a wonderful as mine.


Love Always
Vanessa Xo