Credo quia impossibile… [NEW MANTRA]

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Credo quia impossibile…

I believe it because it is impossible…

I found that Latin phrase on the signed copy of Cloud by Eric McCormack that I won from The Cooke Agency via Twitter. Can a phrase like that be a mantra because if so, it’s mine now. Over the last few years (like many other university graduates) I’ve struggled to start my career. My dreams include working for a publishing company or other bookish establishment and living in the heart of Toronto (with the bf), while writing freelance articles and keeping up with my blog. Right now I’m unemployed,  living with my parents at least 50 minutes from the city, and yes still blogging and freelancing. My dreams seem anything but possible from where I’m sitting, and yet I can’t stop believing that one day it will happen. I don’t think that my dreams are too big, or impossible, or crazy, I just need to keep trying and hope for a bit of luck to come my way…


One day I’ll be able to miss this view…


* Photo taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020!

@TheEllenShow broke Twitter

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At the Oscars on Sunday night, host Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter and broke it. Ellen wanted to take the most retweeted selfie, ever.


And she did. With over 3 MILLION retweets, this photo is the most retweeted SELFIE EVER.


It’s Tuesday and this is probably old news but I am obsessed with this selfie. Why? Well, obviously all of the beautiful people in it, the celebrities just being normal — in their tuxedos and evening gowns at the Oscars — enjoying life and taking photos. But it’s more than than that, LOOK AT HOW HAPPY THEY ALL ARE. Their smiles are contagious and yes, if I were them I would probably be happy too. But they all started at the bottom, they all had dreams just like ours.

This selfie is an ode to dreams come true, to hard work and dedication, and to success in every sense of the word… or at least that’s how I see it…


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

Lupita Quote: marie claire Facebook page

Jonathan Adler Boutique [GIVEAWAY With @Papyrus_Online]

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You don’t have to know my well to understand that I prefer pen and paper to my cell phone, laptop, etc etc. I like being organized, I like writing down important dates or plans, I like highlighting, and I LOVE agendas. So, I approached my favourite stationery store and we’ve partnered up to get you all ready for the next school year, or simply, to get your life a little more organized!


Phone covers, key chains, travel mugs… oh my! The Jonathan Adler boutique showcases a diverse offering of fun gifts with geometric patterns, groovy hues and modern appeal. These handpicked nifty gifties include an assortment of items for home, office or on-the-go. With a variety of Jonathan Adler gifts to choose from, why not add a little colour to your everyday?

PicMonkey Collage

So, obviously I want all of the bright and wonderful products shown above but first and foremost, this blogger needs an agenda. I’m the kind of gal who likes to keep track of blog posts that are due, keep tabs on my appointments or fun events coming up, and I’ve had an agenda every year since JK (or shortly thereafter). I received this bright and beautiful Jonathan Adler 17 month agenda yesterday and literally felt giddy at the prospect of penciling things in! Best of all, I was sent a second agenda to giveaway right here on My Pen, My Voice (hence this post’s title).


To enter you must:

TWEET : I want to start organizing my life with a Jonathan Adler Agenda from @VanessaGrillone and @Papyrus_Online

OR simply LIKE my photo on INSTAGRAM of the JA Agenda I’m giving away!

** Open to Canadian entrants only — winner will be chosen at random on August 19th, 2013**


Love Always

Vanessa Xo

Sometimes life likes to throw things at me

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Sometimes life likes to throw things at me — like ceiling tiles, cars, and snow — and no I don’t mean any of those metaphorically. None of which hit me, they just missed. They got my blood pumping though, they woke me up, they scared the crap out of me (almost literally). After a near breakdown this morning I remembered my horoscope from yesterday: don’t give up or give in, even when the sky is falling.


Love Always

Vanessa Xo


P.S Stay tuned to my twitter account tonight, I get to be apart of the #ChickNDip conversation! I’ll be trying out organic nuggets from Yorkshire Valley Farms and dipping them into some amazing sauces!

#Hashtag #Blog

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P.S I want this mug.

We all know The Hashtag. It’s used on various social networking sites to categorize, describe, or explain your blog post, tweet, picture, or status. While checking my Instagram the other day I saw a photo that had about 10 hashtags to describe a cup of coffee – and I’m not talking about a latte with a cool design, it was just your regular cup of joe. I thought immediately, I wonder how many hashtags I would use to categorize or describe my life, right now… 

– I know, I know, who actually thinks of something like that? :$

Since then I have been obsessed with creating my #selfie of hashtags. Well it’s a helluva-lot harder than I thought it would be! How can you categorize your life using something so simple, so vague as a hashtag?

#distraught #confused #dreaming #happy #afraid #drifting #hopeful #writer #reader #ReadyForAChange #inLimbo #excited #floating

Well there you have it… my life in hashtags. Try it out. I know it’s difficult to sit back and look at your life, evaluate how you’re feeling, and where you want to go. It’s a little daunting, like the first steps you take into a haunted house. It’s pitch black, the floors are creaking, and you hear screams off in the distance.

Hidden things will pop out of nowhere, you may even crap your pants but it just might be the wakeup call you need to get motivated. 

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

Keep Calm and Don’t Freak Out…

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 * This is post I forgot all about! It must have been six months ago that I wrote it! I just read it over and thought it was still worth sharing! I guess October 3rd is Bonus Blog Post Day! *

This morning I eagerly logged onto my computer to enrol in my final three classes towards my Publishing Certificate. After getting my BA in English at York, working full-time for a year, then starting up a whole new certificate you can understand how exciting it felt to almost be finished! The plan was that by September I would be FREE from school, I would take the time and look for a full-time job that I LOVED, maybe even travel a bit before settling into “adulthood” – I am ONLY 23 after all.

Well much to my dismay, I realized that none of the classes I wanted to take were available for the summer – even online classes! So, I decided to try the classes that I didn’t want to take and alas not even THEY were available. So, I had a mini melt-down and tweeted this…

I’m never going to be finished school *cue exasperated tears!

Then I very immaturely slammed my computer shut and went downstairs to complain to my mom who’s reply was simply “It is what it is”. Unsatisfied with that answer I logged back onto my computer and checked my Facebook account to numb the thoughts my clouding my head. That’s when I found this:


One of my friends posted it and since I had always wondered what the point of all those “CARRY ON” posters were about I thought I would take a look. Interesting video, huh? What I got most out of it is how profound the words on the poster actually are.


Life may not be working out like you planned but Keep Calm.
Plans never work out anyways.
Keep Calm, something good will come your way.
Love Always 
Vanessa Xo

doing, enjoying, trying

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I love taking out my notebook and writing when people are around, it freaks them out. They look at you with suspicious eyes, showing you the true power of a pen gliding along a piece of paper, forming words and creating your voice.

This morning I took out my Sharpie and doodled on some pretty paper. My Sharpie is sometimes my voice too. I came up with this:

Doodling is a great way to find out how you’re really feeling and what’s tugging at your heartstrings. I guess that ^ is how I’m feeling about my life right now. I’m loving that I threw out my 10-year-plan. I love the fact that I’m not making a plan for the rest of my life. I wake up and enjoy the routine chaos of my day. It’s a nice break from the constant worry that an avid planner with a mild case of OCD puts on herself.

I work, I write, I relax, I read, I get ready for school, I spend time with loved ones, and I enjoy my life. If I keep doing what I’m doing then something good great wonderful will eventually happen. Until then I’ll take out my pen or Sharpie and continue to sharpen my skills and radiate my voice 😉 .

Hope you enjoy this sunny Sunday!

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo


P.S. 13 days until the S.T.E.L.L.A.A. blog tour!

P.P.S. CHECK THIS OUT –> click here.

Post 300 & i ain't goin' nowhere.

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What’s the best part of any lunch date, coffee date, or family function? The moment you realize that you have been so into the person you’re talking to or the conversation you’re having that you haven’t Tweeted, checked your Facebook, or uploaded a picture to Instagram in at least an hour. That just happened and it felt so good.

I am one of the WORST people when it comes to my cellphone usage. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, the thing is practically glued to me. Sometimes I don’t even DO anything on it, I just open all of my social media apps and close them. Wtf is the point in that?  I’ve blogged time and time again about how rude it is and how much better it feels to put all of your focus on the person you’re with as oppose to your cellphone. I’ve gotten better at controlling myself but I still haven’t gotten over it completely.

I am determined to get a handle on it and I think it will be better for all of my relationships. You miss so much at family functions or on double dates when you spend your time Tweeting or Instagraming. It’s not fair to the people you’re with and let’s be honest – you look like a complete jackass.


Who wants this ^^ to be their “norm” anyway?

I know we all do it and I understand that some people depend on their phone to run their business. I know how important it is to be innovating and constantly updating your social networking sites but there should be some sacred moments when your cellphone is not the most important thing in the world.

There should be times when you can show your family, friends, or bf that they are the most important thing to you.


Love Always
Vanessa Xo

Can’t Sleep with Caffeine Running through my Veins..

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I thought I was super tired about twenty minutes ago, so I decided to hit the hay. Apparently four cups of coffee is way more than I can handle in one day, so I’m stuck tossing and turning and thinking. I can’t seem to get this out of my head:

“If you focus on how much you have to do, nothing will get done. Just jump in and go for it.”

The bf’s mum said something along these lines during dinner tonight and I really wanted to share it with you. Why? (A) as I already told you I can’t sleep so I might as well yap on here and (B) it is completely and totally true! I write list after list in my head and spend so much time thinking about how much I have to do, that I spend more time thinking then doing! The more time I waste thinking about the things I need to do, (whether it be day-to-day chores or life-altering changes) the more overwhelming the tasks seem.

So, it’s decided. I need to stop wasting precious “doing” time on thinking. Although, if I drink enough coffee I won’t be able to sleep anyhow and then I can think more and do more – how long does it take for caffeine to wear off anyhow?

Before I come down from this caffeine high, I just want to share with you a few of my latest obsessions.

1. Melvin Jewelry (introduced to me by Jodi Lin Wiener). Would love this necklace and the earrings to match! They have some interesting and unique stuff!

2. Rimowa Luggage. I’ve had a slight obsession with their luggage since I got to borrow one from a family member for my trip to Dominican – one day I WILL own one.

Found this pic on their Facebook page! I want a purple one!

3. Fashion Boards on Pinterest. I love seeing the way outfits are put together – I find they’re definitely inspiring my wardrobe.

 Between my obsession for books and this new-found love of jewelry, fashion, travel, and luggage, I better find a second job 😉

Hope you had a lovely Tuesday!

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo

Just a little Sunday Love

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I just wanted to direct your attention to a new blog.

My brother started this blog yesterday and I won’t go into detail, simply because I won’t need to if you check it out 😉 . Hope he inspires YOU to follow your dreams on this wonderful Sunday. Oh and you can follow him on TWITTER here.

Love Always
Vanessa Xo


My cousin posted this on Facebook yesterday and I loved it!