Board Games FTW!

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Although my favourite pastimes include reading, writing, and blogging, I’ve been taking some time to do other things during the holidays. Most importantly spending time with my family, as well as the bf’s family. The other night at the bf’s aunt’s house we decided to play a few board games and we started with (the surprisingly challenging) Scrabble.


I don’t remember being a board game lover as a kid, except for DREAM PHONE…


…but after a few rounds of Scrabble and an intense game of Snakes & Ladders, I developed a new appreciation for them and their ability to create some family bonding time. I enjoyed our board game night so much that last night we had an Oscar Trivia night over coffee/wine with my parents, and today we purchased a few games for New Year’s Eve.


I know that nothing brings a family together like a great meal but I think board games have the ability to do the same – add in a little wine and you’ve got the most wonderful evening ahead. THAT is how I plan on spending my New Year’s Eve, celebrating 2012 and ringing in 2013 surrounded by my family, my boyfriend, great food, a few glasses of wine, and playing board games to my heart’s content.

I’m hoping that after the winding-down of twenty-twelve, I will be able to look forward to the new year. I feel as though I’m just waiting for a reason to try something new, to send out short stories to magazines, to find the job of my dreams, to travel, to change around this blog, to take some writing classes – ya know, to get started on all of my resolutions.

As this year comes to an end I will spend the next few days reflecting, remembering, and rejoicing in the year I just had. I’m going to scoop up all of those memories and promises I made to myself and act on them.

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo