Transition. Period.

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I can’t sleep or function because I am in a “transition period”.


Transition periods are scary for two reasons: you’re not doing what you want to with your life AND you have no idea WHERE your life is headed. I’m applying for jobs, going back to the old pizza place a few nights a week, working on a novel(ish), and focussing on my blog to keep myself busy but I still feel uneasy. I’m waiting patiently and trying to stay motivated but when people ask me if I’ve found a job yet, this happens…




When that happens I get ahold of my support team, order an iced coffee, and forget about everything. I had two incredible conversations with two of my favourite people yesterday. They reminded me to keep my eye on the prize, to take life one day at a time, and to remember my goals. There’s no need to get lazy or forget what you want just because it’s not happening when you want it to. I need to remember that I CAN get what I want if I don’t give up. If I keep trying, keep networking, and keep writing, good things will come.

It’s just a transition. Period.

Love Always

Vanessa Xo 

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