@PINK: the truth about love tour [RECAP]

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Somehow, someway, my brother-in-law managed to score my sister two amazing tickets to the PINK concert on Monday night at the ACC. The Hives (an intense and somewhat cocky rock band) opened for her and as soon as they walked on stage I had a feeling it was going to be a good night. You can feel their music enter your bones and explode through your ears but their lyrics are great and they sounded amazing live. Even so, I couldn’t wait for Pink to hit the stage, which she eventually did at 9:00. The aerial stunts, acoustic melodies, and choreography were absolutely incredible.

I loved how she sang both her new songs and her old songs but my most favourite part was when she sat down at a piano in a modest dress saying “Every tour I like to do something that scares me, last tour it was playing the guitar for almost an entire song, this tour it’s playing the piano for almost an entire song. Let’s see how this goes”. Halfway through the song she messed up, admitted it, laughed it off and kept at it. That’s just how she interacted with the crowd, as if she was friends with all 20,000 people. She was constantly laughing, signing autographs, and high-fiving her audience — it left me breathless.


The last concert I went to was Alicia Keys and although hers was great, I found at the Pink concert I couldn’t sit down. I had to stand up, dance, and sing my heart out (because Pink’s music just makes you WANT to sing, she UNDERSTANDS YOU). Every time I looked over at my sister I realized that we were BOTH smiling from ear-to-ear, that we were having so much fun nothing else mattered. I loved being there, in the dark, with thousands of people and not giving a shit about what any of them thought of me. I had a kind of revelation at that concert: I am self-conscious and in nervous situations I judge others to feel better about myself, even though it doesn’t actually make me feel anything but sad and guilty. I looked out at Pink and wondered how can anyone let 20,000 people watch them, judge them, worship them, and still be as bad-ass and confident as she is. I think the answer is hidden somewhere in her music, in her concert. Call me a big ol’ sentimentalist but I think it’s love. I think that love can really change a person and it can push you to be the best person you can be, to try new things, and to have enough self-confidence to not judge anyone else.

And I learned all that at a concert… who’d of thunk it?!



Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo