Holiday Gift Guide [for the Twenty-Something Woman in Your Life]

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I KNOW that it’s only November but it’s never too early to start your Holiday shopping! It may even get you into the Christmas Spirit. Below are six gift ideas for the twenty-something woman in your life. Hopefully it’ll spark some other great gift ideas too! box-women

Odds are, the twenty-something in your life takes pride in her appearance and enjoys testing out luxurious products that enhance her beauty. I recently discovered BirchBox and think it would make a great gift for your girl. They send 4–5 personalized beauty and lifestyle samples which are personally chosen based on your girl’s profile. You can gift a 3 month ($30 US), 6 month ($60 US), or 12 month ($110 US) subscription, which will have her remembering the thoughtful person who gifted it to her.

taylor-album-coversTaylor Swift has written and performed some of the most catchy tunes I’ve ever heard. She’s just a young woman, making mistakes and writing about them. What’s more is that she totally GETS US. The deluxe edition of her latest album 1989 is $15.00 at Walmart and will have your twenty-something shake shake shaking with excitement.


Kate Spade has the cutest agendas and notepads, something every twenty-something woman could find use for. I bet the woman you’re buying a gift for is busy, and not just fake-busy, but busy-busy. The kind of busy where writing down her appointments (personal and work related), keeping track of assignments or blog posts, and remembering birthdays is a necessity. For $30 CA you could give her a year’s worth of organization and that is priceless.

Books are always great gifts, especially for the 20-something in your life who is in need of some guidance and inspiration. My top three are Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham, The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, and Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Each book is roughly $30.00 list price but Chapters and Walmart usually offer them for 40-50% off! You can also check out my book reviews for more ideas, I read all kinds of genres and I’m sure there is a book on there that your girl would love!


Watches make great accessories, even if you don’t always use them to tell time, they can really put an outfit together. I stumbled upon this Orchard Double Wrap Hazelnut Rumba Watch and have become completely obsessed! ($60 CA).


Tiny Prints has a new home decor section filled with pillows, stockings, ornaments, and gorgeous blankets. The Herringbone Single Initial : Throw Blanket is my newest obsession ($124 US). Imagine your girl (bestie, cousin, or actual girlfriend) cuddling up on the couch watching hours of Netflix or reading her favourite book wrapped up in this cozy throw. You can personalize it with her initials or maybe even a favourite quote of hers. Talk about thoughtful and romantic!

When giving someone a gift I always recommend writing them a card to go with it. Putting pen to paper and telling someone how much you love and appreciate them is a lost art.

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
― Dr. SeussHow the Grinch Stole Christmas!

– Vanessa

** Disclosure: Tiny Prints sent me the throw blanket as shown above as compensation for being added to this post. The blanket is chic, cozy, and warm. No other products or companies listed have given me compensation, they’re just products or books I want to read, have read, love, or want to try.


Baby Shower Planning!

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I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT! My sister is going to be a MOM! It didn’t actually hit me until she brought over her first ultrasound pictures. My heart stopped and I was literally speechless. Watching your sister’s belly grow, watching her waddle as she walks to your car, seeing her rest her hands on her baby bump, is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I cannot wait to celebrate the arrival of my niece or nephew.

So, it’s about time to start planning my sister’s baby shower and I’m getting a little overwhelmed here. Thankfully, the lovely people at Tiny Prints have been helping me out. There are five baby shower invitations from their site that I’m in love with and I’m hoping they will inspire my sister to choose a theme.

There are a lot more baby shower invitations on their website and I really like all of the gender neutral ones — they’re modern, chic, and fun. What I love about these invites is their affordability, their customizing options, and that they can inspire any mother-to-be. I’ve also been checking out Tiny Prints Pinterest boards and they’ve helped me a lot with ideas for decorations, party favours, games, and even the cake!

Although we’re planning this shower together, I want it to be a really special day for my sister. I want it to be everything that she’s hoped for and I want it to reflect who she is — a fun-loving, hard-working, busy bee, who loves her family and friends. So, that’s the goal here. After she picks a theme I think it will be a lot easier to move forward. The theme is the most important part, then come the invitations — they have to excite and interest your guests and I think Tiny Prints will be able to do that for us.

What are your favourite baby shower themes or games?

Let me know in the comments!

Love Always

Vanessa Xo