Eating Alone

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On Saturday after work I had a hankering for a Big Mac, and a hankering fuelled by hunger is one that must be taken care of. So, on the way to my boyfriend’s house I stopped at the McDonald’s and ordered myself a Big Mac. I paid the $8.00, which I made in tips the night prior, grabbed my tray and sat down alone to eat my meal. As I slowly savoured my french fries, allowing the tremendous amount of salt to cut my tongue, I wondered why I don’t go out by myself more often. As I gorged on my meal I people-watched and made up my own conversations based on their hand movements and facial expressions. I let my eyes wander and my mind create (that is my business after all). I even thought about what other people might think about me — Wow she looks hungry – is she even breathing between bites? She looks sad, maybe she just got dumped. Maybe she got stood up. Maybe she’s in rush. 

It’s an interesting feeling when you’re able to put your phone away and be left alone with your thoughts. To watch the world go on around you as you sit perfectly still. To marinate in your own thoughts, fears, and worries and really connect with them. As of late I feel like everyone is walking around in a frozen cloud of thoughts, unable to forget them, to control them, or really sift through them and figure things out. After lunch I felt a new air of confidence about the future, the present, and taking chances.

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Love always,
Vanessa XX


All things BIG

Just for Fun, Lifestyle/Personal

Today I am embracing all things BIG.

Big hair. Big pimples. Big dreams. Big thoughts. Big mistakes. Big failures. Big workloads.

Mostly because I have no choice, but also because at some point in your day you’re going to get so caught up in the GOOD big things that the BAD big things won’t matter. You’ll forget that you have a gross pimple dead-centre of your forehead (until a co-worker can’t stop staring – but then you’ll charm them to the point that they stop noticing it too). You’ll do something amazing and RIGHT and you’ll forget about the mistake you made a few hours earlier.

You’ll forget about your big failures and focus on your BIG DREAMS because it’s the only way to make the most of your day.


Love Always

Vanessa Xo