Everything Requires WORK

Just for Fun

My boss always told me that there are people out there that are stamped “Worker” and people who are stamped “NottaWorker” (He says this with his Italian accent). He has always said that I was stamped “Worker” but I didn’t realize until very recently that you actually have to work at every single thing in your life – and work hard if you want them to be successful. You need to work at friendships, familial relationships, your career, your part-time job, your hobbies, your housework, and your more intimate relationships.

Now that I’ve mentioned relationships I might as well say something about them. The longer you are with someone the more you realize how much effort needs to be put into it. Just because you worked so hard to get someone into your life doesn’t mean that the work stops there. I feel like you should work at every single one of your relationships. People can come and go from your life very quickly and unless you work hard to show them that you want them to be there, you’ll find that more people go then come. I’m not talking about buying them expensive gifts – there are ways to show a person that you love them without breaking the bank. Every person is different and different things make them feel appreciated and happy. Some only require a thank you, others require a bouquet of “I’m Sorry” flowers – it’s your job to know how to make them happy. And this is true for any relationship you find yourself in.

I know it sounds like a pain in the ass, you have a day job why do you have to work so hard in every other aspect of your life?

Well it’s said that when things come easy, they don’t feel as good… maybe that’s why?

Love Always
Vanessa Xo