Have a Little Courage

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“If you have courage, any situation can easily become an opportunity.” – Loosely quoted from Catching Fire

I’m rereading Catching Fire and I really love that courage plays a huge role in it. Okay, so no one I know has ever been through a reaping, volunteered as tribute, and had to fight to the death in an arena of 23 other teens BUT I think that everyone has to be a little courageous each and every day.

Whether it’s volunteering to present a project in class, or telling that girl you like her, or sticking up for yourself – it all takes courage. Or maybe you’re thinking about quitting your job and finding one that you love, or maybe you’ve had a great opportunity thrown at you and you’re terrified to jump at it. Maybe you have to make sacrifices to provide for your family. Or maybe you have so many negative things happening in your life at the moment that just getting out of bed each day is tough and agonizing.

Life can be pretty intimidating and rough at times.

You need to have courage to get through it – no matter how important or trivial that “it” may be.

Here’s a song from The Hunger Games Soundtrack – love the song, love the books, love the movie. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo