the transformation begins via a fresh coat of paint

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Last night I went to spIn in Woodbridge with one of my favourite human beings. We chatted for three hours non-stop about life, love, work, travel, and everything else in between. I’ve known Lina for almost three years, travelled with her (and our bfs to Chicago), and have had many adventures with her in between. She’s a creative type (like myself) who is yearning to get into interior design. We’re both working our butts off, taking risks, and just hoping for hard work and luck to thrust us into our desired careers. We’re both a little unsettled and without plans in sight, we’re driving ourselves crazy!

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Somewhere between coffee/tea and dessert, we had an epiphany. We feel so unsettled because we have so many options and don’t know what to choose. Since my closet purge I’ve been trying to let go of some baggage, allow for little changes to uplift my mood, spark some creativity, and maybe even help me focus a little on who I am and what I really want. My latest project is redecorating my room, I do a lot of writing, blogging, and job hunting in there but recently the dark purple walls have been weighing me down and closing in on me. I want to feel relaxed, confident, and focussed and since colours really do affect your mood the purple has got to go. I choose a different state of mind.

 We can literally do anything we want right now, the toughest part is figuring out the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Maybe all you need is a fresh coat of paint and an open-mind.