Happiness, Pleasure, Sorrow, Love.


I had a fantastically lazy Tuesday and watched The Air I Breathe and An American Tail.

I was surprised at how much I loved The Air I Breathe. If you’ve watched the movie Crash, it had the same idea going on. All lives are connected and all stories intertwine. I loved the way happiness, pleasure, sorrow, and love were depicted. They are all connected, you can’t experience any of these emotions without understanding or experiencing the other. You can’t have or appreciate¬†love, happiness, or pleasure, without experiencing some kind of sorrow. Everything is connected.

After watching such a serious kind of movie, I put on An American Tail and found myself obsessed with a line said by Warren T. Rat:

“But remember what Shakespeare said, and I quote: ‘Opportunity knocks but…uh, but… but once. Taken at the tide, t’will lead to fortune. If denied, t’will never return.'”


As someone who is often afraid of change or taking chances, it’s no wonder why this quote ¬†affected me. Just because you’re afraid of change doesn’t mean you should let opportunities pass you by – which is why I have been applying to every internship or full-time position posting that has graced my inbox.

Today, take every opportunity that’s thrown at you and be conscious of the quiet ones that are hiding just around the corner

You never know where they will lead.

Love Always
Vanessa Xo