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P.S I want this mug.

We all know The Hashtag. It’s used on various social networking sites to categorize, describe, or explain your blog post, tweet, picture, or status. While checking my Instagram the other day I saw a photo that had about 10 hashtags to describe a cup of coffee – and I’m not talking about a latte with a cool design, it was just your regular cup of joe. I thought immediately, I wonder how many hashtags I would use to categorize or describe my life, right now… 

– I know, I know, who actually thinks of something like that? :$

Since then I have been obsessed with creating my #selfie of hashtags. Well it’s a helluva-lot harder than I thought it would be! How can you categorize your life using something so simple, so vague as a hashtag?

#distraught #confused #dreaming #happy #afraid #drifting #hopeful #writer #reader #ReadyForAChange #inLimbo #excited #floating

Well there you have it… my life in hashtags. Try it out. I know it’s difficult to sit back and look at your life, evaluate how you’re feeling, and where you want to go. It’s a little daunting, like the first steps you take into a haunted house. It’s pitch black, the floors are creaking, and you hear screams off in the distance.

Hidden things will pop out of nowhere, you may even crap your pants but it just might be the wakeup call you need to get motivated. 

Love Always
Vanessa Xo