Me and MY Dreams A.K.A Tortoise and the Hare


“After nineteen years of running after good marks and prizes and grants of one sort and another, I was letting up, slowing down, dropping clean out of the race.” – The Bell JarĀ 

Is that me? Have I dropped out of the race because I’m content or am I running with my dreams and goals? Are we finally at the same speed? Taking the same strides? Are we running towards each other? Are we meeting somewhere in the middle?


I feel as though all of this blogging and writing and reading and studying is slowly leading somewhere. I feel like I’m running at the perfect pace — I’m not sprinting, I’m actually enjoying each moment of this journey. And what about my dreams? They’re running alongside me, keeping up, staying close enough for me to see them but allowing me to take the lead, just by a little.

We’ll reach the finish line together and walk across hand-in-hand — me and my dreams.

Me and my DREAMS..

Me and my DREAMS..

Love Always

Vanessa Xo