Trind Nail Care [Product Review]

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I have a bit of an obsession with nail polishes. I love getting manicures but am perfectly capable of doing my  nails on my own too. I have pretty good nails they’re strong and they grow like weeds but since I’ve done shellac a few time I find that my nails haven’t been the same. They chip, they peel, and they look godawful most of the time. I’ve been yearning to test out Trind Nail Care since my editor at Chic Darling told me how awesome they are.

Trind Cosmetics is a Dutch company which devleps unique products in the field of nail and hand care. Trind products are distingushed from other hand and nail care products are they are based on the natural consistency of the nail, cuticle and hands.Trind products make the nail strong and beautiful without disturbing the structure of the nail. The basis of Trind is highly effective and active products that are uniquely formulated, consisting of nourishing ingreidents of Keratin and numerous vitamins.


I received a press release a few weeks back from Charming Media, letting me know that Trind Polishes are now available on The Shopping Channel so I requested a sample and thankfully they obliged. They sent me Step 2 (Cuticle Balsam), Step 3 (Nail Magic Buffer), and Step 4 (Nail Balsam) of their 6 Step System. You’re supposed to use the Cuticle Balsam and Nail Balsam daily for two weeks and then after two weeks only once a week for maintenance. The great thing about these balsams is that you can put a colour on right after them too! Out of sheer laziness and nail neglect I’ve only been using this system once a week BUT I can already see a huge difference in my nails. They aren’t peeling as much, they’re harder, and my cuticles aren’t as dry, I can only imagine what they will look like once I use them properly!

Trind also has a huge collection of what they call Caring Colors Nail Polish that were specially developed to maintain the health and vitality of your nails after getting them in top shape from using our nail care products. Their colours are beautiful and vibrant. I especially love the Pastel Purple, Dark Tan, Ocean Pearl, and Light Salmon. I hope to invest in some of these beautiful polishes soon!


What do you think about Trind Polishes and their 6 Step System? Would you give them a try?


* All italicized statements are direct quotes from the Trind Nail Care Website and/or PDF Manual

* I was given Steps 2-4 of the system by Charming Media in exchange for an honest product review

The Captain has Turned on the Seatbelt Sign

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Ever heard of seatbeltbags? Neither had I until Mama got her hands on this beauty…

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Harvey’s Original Seatbeltbags started up in 1997 when Mr. & Mrs. Harvey were installing seatbelts into their 1950 Buick and decided to make the Mrs. a matching bag. Apparently everyone loved them and wanted their very own. Now my question to you, are these bags going to be the next big thing to make their mark in Canada? Do you know anyone who has one? Do YOU like them? 

I’ve taken a look at their collection and after seeing my Mom’s bag (the 15th Anniversary Little Messenger) I think I’m starting to like them. They seem pretty durable and easy to clean! When my Mom first mentioned the seatbeltbag I thought that sounds disgustingly tacky but I was wrong (another reason to add being more open-minded to my New Year’s Resolutions).

My favourite bags include the Marilyn Fold Over Tote and the Arm Candy Clutch Lola Glitz.



So, has this little post got you thinking about what ELSE we can make bags out of?

Or has it got you itching to get your own?

Lemme know, yo’

(Omg did I just type ‘yo’?)

Love Always
Vanessa Xo