My Newest Love @Motorola_Ca #MotoX

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It’s been less than a week with my new Moto X – graciously gifted to me by Motorola Canada and I have yet to miss my iPhone. I’m in love with how simple the Moto X is to use, how fast it is, how long the battery lasts (20 hours), and how smart it is! It’s much bigger than my iPhone 4 but I can still text comfortably. It has tonnes of features, like the fact that I can wave my hand over my phone to see my notifications or check the time. There are some features I still have to try, like the whole talking to my phone and getting it to do things for me without even picking it up thing.

Create your own voice prompt, like “What’s up Moto X.” Then ask questions, set reminders or get directions. You’ll have the world at your fingertips and won’t even need to use them.

Messy hair, ripped sweater, silly faces, and loads of love!

Messy hair, ripped sweater, silly faces, and loads of love!

The camera is pretty rad, especially since I can launch it with a flick of my wrist! It also takes pictures before and after you actually take the picture so you can choose the best one! The rear camera has much better photo quality than the selfie (or front) camera but I don’t take that many selfies anyway :P. If there is one complaint it would be that the new software/update somehow has gotten rid of the ability to put my phone on silent. Hopefully it is just a bug and it will be fixed with the next update.

I have a feeling it’ll take a few weeks for me to find out how smart this phone really is, but one thing is for sure: I am in love with my Moto X.

Love Always,
Vanessa Xo

* Disclosure: I was sent a Moto X and a Otterbox case from Motorola Canada in exchange for an honest review. I am currently using the Moto X and probably won’t go back to iPhone for a very long time (if at all).