A Clogged Pipe


Ever had to snake a drain? Well, my Dad and Mom had to snake the drain in my shower the other day and boy are they pissed at me for not doing it myself. You see, my sister and I share a bathroom and BOTH of us have long, thick black hair – which tends to fall out in the shower. My Dad said that what he pulled out of that drain looked like a dead rat – sorry I know it’s too early to be disgusting but I promise I’m getting somewhere with this.

That rat (hair) in my drain, it kind of reminded me of fear (sometimes I think in metaphors). Imagine you, your life, your inspiration as the pipes. Imagine that rat as fear – blocking you from doing your job, living your life.

I always imagined fear as some kind of disgusting black rat with big yellow eyes, taunting me, saying “You can’t do it. You’re going to fail. Just give up.”

Sometimes I believe it and sometimes…

…sometimes I just snake the drain.

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo


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