New Mantra: Write Like A Motherf*cker

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From Buzzfeed

From Buzzfeed

Over the last week or so I’ve been reading Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It was recommended to me by Kaiti from HarperCollins Cananda and my cousin Amanda. I don’t want to finish it. It’s a compilation of the columns Cheryl wrote for The Rumpus and goodness it’s gorgeous. It’s an advice column but raw, unfiltered, honest, and breathtaking. You get sucked into Dear Sugar’s words and end up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day.

One column in particular had me in tears before work. A twenty-six-year-old depressed writer asked Dear Sugar how to get out of her writing-funk. How she could write a book to be proud of. She asked: how does a woman get up and become the writer she wishes she’d be? Dear Sugar’s response is my mantra today and forever, I hope you’ll find solace in it too.


You need to do the same, dear sweet arrogant beautiful crazy talented tortured rising star glowbug. That you’re so bound up about writing tells me that writing is what you’re here to do. And when people are here to do that they almost always tell us something we need to hear. I want to know what you have inside you. I want to see the contours of your second beating heart.

So write… Not like a girl. Not like a boy. Write like a motherfucker.

Love Always,

Vanessa Xo

*Quotes from The Rumpus Website



unnamedAs my mother stirred the heaping pot of sauce and meatballs, she called me over to take a look. With a smile stinging her lips she said, “I told you I always cook with love”. The heart in her sauce (you can see it right?) emulates just a few things that I love about life: pasta and family dinners.

There are many kinds of love in this world: I truly believe that you can love people, hobbies, AND food. I know for a fact that the more love or passion you put into something, the better it becomes. I’ve made myself quick meals just to eat something and it never tastes as good as the meals that I put effort and love into. I’ve written blog posts just to write them but I never get as much feedback on those ones as I do with the ones I put passion behind. When it comes to people, I love a lot of them, to varying degrees. I love my co-workers and friends like family, I love my family obsessively, I love my boyfriend to an incredibly disgusting degree, and most importantly I love myself and the woman I’ve become. The more I shower these people with love, the better I feel about life and about myself. Love, it’s all you need, amiright?

Put love into everything you do, every meal you make, and every word you write. 

– Vanessa


Credo quia impossibile… [NEW MANTRA]

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Credo quia impossibile…

I believe it because it is impossible…

I found that Latin phrase on the signed copy of Cloud by Eric McCormack that I won from The Cooke Agency via Twitter. Can a phrase like that be a mantra because if so, it’s mine now. Over the last few years (like many other university graduates) I’ve struggled to start my career. My dreams include working for a publishing company or other bookish establishment and living in the heart of Toronto (with the bf), while writing freelance articles and keeping up with my blog. Right now I’m unemployed,  living with my parents at least 50 minutes from the city, and yes still blogging and freelancing. My dreams seem anything but possible from where I’m sitting, and yet I can’t stop believing that one day it will happen. I don’t think that my dreams are too big, or impossible, or crazy, I just need to keep trying and hope for a bit of luck to come my way…


One day I’ll be able to miss this view…


* Photo taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020!

New Month, New Mantra

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Fact One: I start every new notebook with a mantra. I take my colourful gel pens and graffiti the inside cover of each new notebook with a quote that I want to keep in mind as I’m writing or living my life. Every notebook, to me, is like the beginning of a new chapter and each chapter deserves a title – a mantra.

Fact Two: My weekly mantras and little boosts of inspiration come from Not A Model Blog or This Is My Life or I’m Charming You or Pinterest.

Fact Three: It’s the first day of November and I want to feel inspired this month. I want to get sh*t done. I want to make big promises and I want to keep them. I want to scratch things off of my Bucket List.  I want to make big changes in my life, while making time for my favourites (family, friends, and the bf).

In the spirit of new beginnings, new mantras, and inspiration, here is my mantra for November (courtesy of the bf):

This month’s mantra “Hold your head up high and your middle finger even higher.” Go get ’em!

What are some of your favourite inspirational quotes, sites, mantras?

Share the love people!

Love Always
Vanessa Xo