KISS ME FIRST [Book Review]

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If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed I posted a pretty creepy book trailer a few weeks ago. This trailer had the whole office buzzing and gave me Goosebumps – I knew I had to read it.


Now that I’ve read it, I don’t really know how to review it. How do you write a review about a book that made your skin crawl, that made you wonder if there really are such crazy and naive people in this world, that made you hate every character in the book? Well, I’ll start by sharing the synopsis:

When Leila discovers the website Red Pill, she feels she has finally found people who understand her. A sheltered young woman raised by her mother, Leila has often struggled to connect with the girls at school; but on Red Pill, a chat forum for ethical debate, Leila comes into her own, impressing the website’s founder, a brilliant and elusive man named Adrian. Leila is thrilled when Adrian asks to meet her, and is flattered when he invites her to be part of “Project Tess.”

Tess is a woman Leila might never have met in real life. She is beautiful, urbane, witty, and damaged. As they email, chat, and Skype, Leila becomes enveloped in the world of Tess, learning every single thing she can about this other woman—because soon, Leila will have to become her.

An ingeniously plotted novel of stolen identity, Kiss Me First is brilliantly frightening about the lies we tell—to ourselves, and to others, for good, and for ill.

To say the very least Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach, is one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a while and it really makes you wonder about social media and the way it controls our lives. What scared me most about this book is that it could possibly happen in today’s society. What bugged me was how naive Leila is, I couldn’t relate to her or even sympathize with her – I felt more pity for Tess and wondered why a happy girl would want to do what she did.

“You would never have guessed from the picture—from any of the photos on Facebook—that she was anything other than happy.” (Page 84 of the ARC)

But maybe that’s the point, maybe we’ll never really know anyone from what they do online. Maybe we’ll never know the turmoil in someone’s head or the sorrow in their heart. Maybe we shouldn’t be so trusting of people, of social media. Maybe we shouldn’t take anyone’s life at face-value (especially via Facebook).

This book got me in a seriously contemplative state, it got me asking a bunch of questions, as all good books do. If you’re looking for a book that will really make you think, a book that you won’t be able to stop talking about, a book that will creep you right out, a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat – Kiss Me First is a great option — it’s on sale TODAY!

Love Always

Vanessa Xo