Bursting the Bubble [Week 3 – Part Two]

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Part Two of Bursting the Bubble involves a more frivolous nature. This week I got a little adventurous with my lunch hour – heading for longer walks in different areas, heading over to Ben McNally Books to pick up some books for my future niece, and discovering a lovely little garden behind my office.  For this week’s event (my last one until I get back from Vancouver) we headed over to The Cookbook Store to celebrate the launch of The Toronto Star Cookbook by Jennifer Bain, which was another wonderful evening. I urge anyone who is into cooking to check out the store, I have never seen so many different books about cooking!

Before the event, I went to grab a bite to eat with my co-workers. Where did they take me? Well to the one place I would have never chosen on my own. An Indian restaurant attached to a car wash – cue bubble burst. The restaurant: King Palace on Church Street.



When I told my co-workers that I had never been to an Indian restaurant , they smiled brightly and looked at me with eyes that said Trust us, small-town girl, this will be a treat!  I opted for the safest of choices, just to dip my toe in the food so to speak, and went for a ¼ chicken with rice. My taste buds seemed a bit confused. I’ve had a lot of chicken and rice in my day but it’s always been cooked with the same spices. After the first few forkfuls, my taste buds finally caught up with my brain, saying You like this, Vanessa, keep eating. The chicken was delicious, moist, and not overcooked; it had a little kick to it, which I rather enjoyed. The rice was great too, I can’t name the spices but I would definitely recommend it. Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself there again sometime. I’m kind of intrigued by the butter chicken with naan bread – my co-worker said it’s delish!

What else can I throw at you about my week? Well, the wonderful Lindsey Reeder is back from vacation and I got to chat with her about my progress so far. I gushed about how much I love it, how much I enjoy events, and how sad I will be once my twelve weeks are up.  Her advice was simple:

Keep going to events; keep meeting people, and keep working hard because you never know where it will lead you.

And so, I will walk into week four with her words ringing in my ears.

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Love Always

Vanessa Xo