Happy Canada D-EH!

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I spent my Canada Day weekend with the bf, his family, and my good friends Robitussin and Halls. We went to Niagara and on the way there we went through the Main street Tunnel in Welland, Ontario. The tunnel was unreal! You’re literally driving underneath the water! It’s incredible what humans can do, isn’t it? I don’t know if I was tired or just a little hopped up on my medicine but I felt like I was having a Perks of Being a Wallflower moment. The tunnel was dark, the sunroof was open, and I let the sound of the wind engulf  the car and my mind. I looked straight ahead and smiled at the light, at the beautiful blue sky at the end of the tunnel. I felt infinite in that moment, like nothing else mattered. Not my cold, not the stress of this past week – nothing. Maybe next time I’ll stick my head out of the sunroof 😛

Although I’ve been sneezy, achy, and coughing up my insides, I have to admit that this weekend has been super relaxing and much-needed. I’d like to leave you with a quote from The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty:

“This life is mine because of good luck. And because I reached out and took it.”

It’s a new month – figure out what you want.

Make small goals, reach out, and achieve them.

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

Happy Canada D-EH!!