Letter to Mama

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I’ve heard that when you’re angry at someone you should write them a letter and never send it. So by the same token does that mean when you’re happy with someone you should write them a letter and send it? I think so.

Dear Mama, 

Sometimes I don’t understand why we argue or why we don’t see eye-to-eye and sometimes I know exactly why. You and I are too much alike. Stubborn and always right. 

I look up to you, Mama – even when we argue – and each day I try to be more like you. 



See, a simple letter to my mom, that I wrote in my head this afternoon while we were texting each other. I was out pretty much all weekend and when I’m not home, Mama Dukes and I tend to text a lot. Today she sent me pictures of the cookies she baked with my sister and of my favourite muffins that she made this morning – she’s the bomb. We also talked about what we were up to and ya know we COMMUNICATED.  I know that some people are against texting, saying that it’s a lazy way of communicating, that we’ve lost our ability to talk to people face-to-face. I disagree. It’s because of texting that I can talk to my parents, sister, brother, and friends and still feel close to them. It’s because of texting that I know what’s going on at home even if I haven’t been there in 2 days. Don’t get me wrong TEXTING will never replace FACE-TO-FACE conversations or arguments, but it still keeps you connected when you need to the most.

So, send a text to someone who makes you happy.

Better yet, a long email. Better still, a handwritten letter.

Words = LoveWrite them. 

Love Always
Vanessa Xo