stop dickering around.


I LOVE spending Sundays in Toronto, well in all honesty I love ANYTIME in Toronto. With every corner you turn you can see something new. It’s my kind of bliss — tiny adventures a block at a time. Yesterday afternoon I went to Gusto 101 with the bf and cousins. We sat on the patio and were pummelled with sunshine — it felt great. I had the burger and a glass of their white wine that’s on tap ($1 an ounce!) my mouth is still salivating. Whenever I’m in the city I tend to think big thoughts, dream big dreams. Everything about Toronto is so much BIGGER and FASTER than anything in Bolton.

This is how it is, you’re stagnant for so long and then all of a sudden everything happens at once. All of a sudden your dreams shift and mould into something completely different. All of a sudden life is catching up to you and you can’t seem to understand how quickly you turned twenty-five. You feel like you were nineteen last week instead of six years ago. All of a sudden every single choice you make has an immediate result and impact on your life. All of a sudden you’ve got to stop dickering around and grow the eff up.

IMG_7942I’m not the type to dick around. I want different things than I wanted last year and I’ve got to work hard in order to get them. Patience is a virtue but persistence is a necessity. Changes are immediate, with no end in sight. I don’t want to press pause, rewind, or even fast forward because I’m enjoying the uncertainty of my life right now. My story is just getting interesting…



Living for the Weekend…

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Although I love my busy weekdays, nothing compares to a weekend filled with great food, great company, an interesting book, and a sun that won’t stop shining. During the week I don’t see much of my family, sometimes it’s two or three days before I actually see my brother, so I love spending weekends in their company. On Friday my sister and bf came over and we had a movie date with my dad — Django Unchained is the best movie ever!


My niece is getting big (or so I would assume by the way my sister’s stomach is expanding) and she has the softest, sweetest kicks/punches. You really have to press down on my sister’s belly to feel Izzy’s punches or her heartbeat but it is the most beautiful tap I’ve ever felt. Next time Jess comes over I’m going to read Izzy a story, my favourite in fact (The Balloon Tree) so she can get used to hearing my voice.

Yesterday the bf and I went for a little drive and ended up at Katz’s Deli near Yorkdale Mall. My mouth is watering just thinking about the warm corned beef sandwich on rye bread, topped with mustard, that we demolished in about 30 seconds. It’s a great place with deliciously fresh food and fantastic coffee. It’s been around since 1970 and is the perfect Saturday meal. They have an eat-in and take-out option and their cashier is a wonderful old man, using an old-school cash register, cracking jokes at your expense. I will be back more often than I should now that I know how close it is to the subway.



I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful sunny weekend.

I hope you spent it with the people you love, with wonderful food, and with the comfort that comes from having a great book waiting for you whenever you get home.

Love Always 

Vanessa Xo 

When I dip, you dip, we #ChickNDip [Event Recap]

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Remember when I got to participate in the #ChickNDip conversation at the end of February? Well, now I’d like to tell you more about it. Brand and Buzzing Media hosted a fantastic event showcasing Yorkshire Valley Farms Organic Chicken Nuggets, as well as, 11 AMAZING sauces. I’ve read some pretty scary stories in the newspaper lately about antibiotics in chicken and how they affect US and I must say that it’s wonderful to find a company that believes in ORGANIC chicken. I feel safe eating their products.

“At Yorkshire Valley Farms we raise your food the way nature intended. Our organic, free range chickens are fed only the finest certified organic grains, with no antibiotics, hormones or animal bi-products added.

We raise our chickens on certified organic farms in Ontario in the most natural and healthy environment possible, open to sunlight and fresh air. Processing is done to exacting standards in an organically certified facility.”

From Left to Right: James Sculthorpe (President (Yorkshire Valley Farms), Rossy Earle (Owner of SupiCucu) and Nike Ahrens (Farmer & Owner Betolianni Organic Farms) — at SubZero Wolf Showroom.

From Left to Right: James Sculthorpe (President Yorkshire Valley Farms), Rossy Earle (Owner of SupiCucu) and Nike Ahrens (Farmer & Owner Betolianni Organic Farms) — at SubZero Wolf Showroom.

I tasted the nuggets with and without the sauces and I must say that even after eating 10-15 (okay more like 20) of them I didn’t get that heavy or bloated feeling that I usually get when I eat chicken nuggets. They tasted wonderful on their own and I think they’re going to be a frequent addition to our freezer.


Now on to the sauces…

I got to dip my chickn’ into Bumpercrop’s Green Tomato Garlic Jam, Bonne Maman’s Plum Spread, Eudora’s Fine Foods Khaldin, Billy Bee’s Honey, McEwan’s Own Bacon Jam, Killer Condiments’ Sweet Pepper Relish, Rossy’s Diablo’s Fuego, DA Foods’ Southern Blues Original BBQ Sauce, Neal Brothers Toasted Sesame Salad Dressing & Honey Dijon Salad Dressing, AND Maggi Canada’s Hot and Sweet Sauce. I swear I have never tasted so many unique and wonderful sauces in my life!

My favourites were McEwan’s Own Bacon Jam, Neal Brothers’ Toasted Sesame Salad Dressing, and Rossy’s Diablo’s Fuego. They all had rich and intense flavours that kept me coming back for another dip — seriously, I stuck by them all night. The Toasted Sesame Salad Dressing is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, it’s sweet but not overly so. It make my taste buds swing dance! Rossy’s Diablo’s Fuego has a wonderful kick to it but it still provides FLAVOUR. Your mouth isn’t burning so much that you can’t taste your food, it teases you with heat and goes away leaving a sweet and sour flavour to enjoy. The bacon jam is simply perfection.

Each sauce complimented the chicken nuggets in their own way and I must say that all of the attendees complimented the event even more so. It was great to attend a foodie function and to talk to people who know food on a different level than I do. I met a lot of inspiring young people and had great conversations with them. Thank you to Yorkshire Valley Farms and Brand and Buzzing Media for a fantastic event!

It really was a wonderful evening and I urge you to test out any and ALL of these dipping sauce.

Have your own CHICKNDIP soiree with your besties!

Love Always

Vanessa Xo

"Make it the best it can be." Mark McEwan #Winterlicious #Fabbrica

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Yesterday evening my boyfriend and I tried out Winterlicious for the very first time! Our place of choice was Fabbrica, a Mark McEwan restaurant. We’ve been a fan of Mark McEwan since dining at ONE Restaurant and Bymark Restaurant — the food is always amazing and the service is phenomenal.







Their Winterlicious menu was difficult to choose from but we finally decided on the following:

Arugala salad with poached pear, walnuts, apple balsamic dressing and pecorino romano.Bruschetta with lamb bolognese, chickpea and minted ricotta.

Arugala salad with poached pear, walnuts, apple balsamic dressing and pecorino romano.
Bruschetta with lamb bolognese, chickpea and minted ricotta.

Porchetta di fabbrica, pear mostarda, roasted potatoes with rosemary.Risotto with mushroom and truffle.

Porchetta di fabbrica, pear mostarda, roasted potatoes with rosemary.
Risotto with mushroom and truffle.

Unfortunately my photo of dessert isn't uploading BUT we had tiramisu di fabbrica and chocolate bread and butter pudding.

Unfortunately my photo of dessert isn’t uploading BUT we had tiramisu di fabbrica, chocolate bread and butter pudding, and two cappuccinos.

I’m happy to report that the atmosphere was as romantic and soothing as it appears in the photos and the food was as delicious as it looks — maybe even better. Each dish was like a story, with only the finest characters included. Every bite ignited my taste buds. Every morsel was eaten and the plate that held my risotto was nearly licked clean. Every dish was presented elegantly, each portion was hearty, and at the end of the meal my taste buds were still asking for more — even though my stomach was full! $35 a person, not including coffee, wine, taxes, or gratuity was an absolute steal and I am so glad that we participated in Winterlicious this year.

Mark McEwan and his staff do it right every single time! I’m looking forward to checking out North #44 Restaurant sometime in the near future (maybe for my birthday) so that we’ve tried them all. I think my favourite of his restaurants will always remain ONE Restaurant, but that might be because my brother-in-law is the Executive Sous Chef there :P.

Thank you for the wonderful meal and the incredible service, Fabbrica.

Have you tried a new restaurant for Winterlicious? Let me know in the comments!

Love Always

Vanessa Xo

Fabbrica is located on 49 Karl Fraser Rd. Don Mills. 416-391-0307