Document this.

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Since before I can remember I’ve been obsessed with documenting –  discovering various social media outlets, starting my blog, tweeting, and Instagramming has just made it that much easier. I love snapping photos, recapping events (personal and otherwise), and sharing my thoughts. I don’t really know why, part of it is to remember and part of it is finding a creative outlet. Christmas is a wonderful time to document, there’s magic around every corner with snow sparking as it falls, there are lights on every house, and decorations in every store. There’s something about Christmas time that makes you want to smile a little bit more.



In spite of the frost on my windshield I’m seeing everything a little more clearly and as Christmas gets closer my heart is oozing with excitement and warmth. Since the beginning of the Holiday season I’ve celebrated life and death, sadness and joy but there is one thing I’m learning from it all: life is too short to be afraid or miserable. Christmas is about appreciating the year that you’ve had, reflecting on what you’ve accomplished and making goals for the year to come. It’s about spreading love and happiness and appreciating the people you have in your life. It’s the sudden reminder that the year is almost up and once again it went by too fast, but it’s up to you to make the most of the next one.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas — just in case we don’t talk before then.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo