changes: both subtle and honest

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Last weekend the fiancé and I drove up to his aunt’s cottage in Lindsay. As he searched for old music to sing along with (think Ja Rule featuring J.Lo), I put my feet up on the dashboard and exhaled loudly. I had a lot on my mind and a long drive was exactly what I needed. 

Did I tell you that I’ve been working on turning my blog into a books? Well I am. When I look back and read old blog posts my memories fade to black-and-white; showing with subtle honesty how much I’ve changed, how much life has changed. I’ve grown immensely as a writer and a person in the last five years. Many of my relationships have either tarnished or strengthened. I’ve experienced love and pain in many different forms. I’ve failed, tried, and dreamt without limitation. I’ve welcomed change for the most part and when I wasn’t too fond of it, I wrote it out. 


In mere weeks my living arrangements are going to alter slightly, by September I will have another little niece or nephew running around, in year-and-a-half I’ll be married, in two years I’ll be living with my husband in our condo, and who knows what else! So much to document! Here’s to looking bright, bold, and colourful future. Here’s to accepting new challenges with determination and passion. Here’s to growth and change. 

Love Always,

Vanessa Xo



Girls weekend

Headed up to a cottage tonight for the entire weekend to celebrate my bestie’s stagette. I cannot wait for some tanning on the dock, girl-talk, a few drinks, and some intense relaxation! I’m using this weekend to unplug from my thoughts (and hopefully my phone) and simply enjoy everything that cottaging has to offer. I’m looking forward sleeping in, lounging in my sweats, reading, and not having to think so much about a schedule or which jobs I should be applying for next. Wait, that sounds a lot like what I’ve been doing since leaving the pizza place and freelancing a bit… oh well, might as well enjoy it while I can!


Leave it to me..

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Leave it to me to feel aggravated, stressed out, and overwhelmed on a long weekend at the cottage.








With such a beautiful cottage, incredible view, and great family – why did I waste my time thinking about other things?

Leave it to me to ruin my own weekend..

Love Always
Vanessa Xo