Joyful Traditions [Chapters Indigo Media Preview]

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It was Christmas in July as me and my date walked into the Chapters Indigo head office last night. The white room was decked out in beautifully decorated Christmas trees, a giant sleigh, books galore, and some delicious holiday treats. According to one of the Chapters associates, the inspiration behind this holiday’s preview was Joyful Traditions. The room was split up between cozy Christmas cabin theme (fur, red, black, grey, camel, ivory, and charcoal colours) and Christmas in the city (icy winter pastels, white, gold, silver, and bronze).

I loved the cozy cottage look and was ready to take a nap in the sleigh filled with pillows. They’ve got some fantastic throw pillows coming up this Holiday, I’m thinking of purchasing one for my cousin and best friend. I paused a little longer than deemed normal at their fabulous desk section filled with beautiful journals, witty mugs, and chic pens. I also loved all of their travel items — beautiful passport holders, a cute case with tweezers and manicure essentials, a jewellery roll, and even sleeping masks.

IMG_7549 IMG_7540 IMG_7541 IMG_7539 IMG_7536 IMG_7535

Along with all of these goodies there were tonnes of books to take a look at. There are so many great books being published this holiday season. I am most looking forward to Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham but I also can’t wait to grab a copy of The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion. I received an ARC of A Sudden Light by Garth Stein yesterday which was one of the books on their shelf too.

What I love about Chapters, apart from the books of course, is the range of products that they carry and the simplistic elegance of everything they sell. They have everything from mugs to great vegan totes, DIY drink kits, scarves, wallets, gourmet sweets, and even some pretty sweet tech gadgets! You can find everything you need and want in one place.


Thank you to Indigo for inviting me to such a great event! I’ve never been to one of your media previews and I am happy to say that you’ve got me itching to do some major shopping when these products launch!

Love Always and Forever,

Vanessa Xo

Part of the Machine: Anchors, Goals, and a New Year on the Horizon

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Photo Credit: Pinterest

Between watching the film Hugo and re-reading Minimalism: how to live a meaningful life, I’m feeling very reflective. I’m all over the place this week, perhaps it’s the combination of those two creative works and another year coming to an end. Between trying to figure out what my anchors are (what is keeping me stagnant, what is keeping me from becoming passionate and happy and creative) and trying to figure out my purpose, I’m also trying to make goals for the year to come.

My anchors start with my current job, gel with my fears and anxiety, and blend with my constant want of things. My purpose, my reason for being here, that’s a little trickier to figure out. I know that I want to do something meaningful with my life, I know that I want to make a difference in someone else’s life but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Goals for the year to come: get rid of my anchors, I’m tired of being weighed down. Get rid of all those things I don’t need or use and to stop wanting more of them. To start having adventures and stop wanting purses or shoes or new gadgets. To spend time at the library, pick up books at random and LEARN (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I DON’T OWN A LIBRARY CARD?). To make more TIME for what I love, who I love, and all of the activities I’ve wanted to try.

So there it is, another list that will be lost in this unending world of blogs. A list not so different from the one I made last year. The reason I didn’t stick to that list is simple: I didn’t want it enough. If I don’t stick to the list above, I’ll never become the person I know I can be.

I know that’s a lot to take in on Christmas Eve at 8:00 a.m. and I should be watching The Grinch or something instead, but I had to get that all out before I felt like celebrating. Before I could wish you all a Merry Christmas indeed. I hope you spend the holiday’s with people you love, I hope you enjoy every single moment and aren’t glued to your cell phone (note to self). I hope it’s the perfect ending to a terrific year.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo


Document this.

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Since before I can remember I’ve been obsessed with documenting –  discovering various social media outlets, starting my blog, tweeting, and Instagramming has just made it that much easier. I love snapping photos, recapping events (personal and otherwise), and sharing my thoughts. I don’t really know why, part of it is to remember and part of it is finding a creative outlet. Christmas is a wonderful time to document, there’s magic around every corner with snow sparking as it falls, there are lights on every house, and decorations in every store. There’s something about Christmas time that makes you want to smile a little bit more.



In spite of the frost on my windshield I’m seeing everything a little more clearly and as Christmas gets closer my heart is oozing with excitement and warmth. Since the beginning of the Holiday season I’ve celebrated life and death, sadness and joy but there is one thing I’m learning from it all: life is too short to be afraid or miserable. Christmas is about appreciating the year that you’ve had, reflecting on what you’ve accomplished and making goals for the year to come. It’s about spreading love and happiness and appreciating the people you have in your life. It’s the sudden reminder that the year is almost up and once again it went by too fast, but it’s up to you to make the most of the next one.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas — just in case we don’t talk before then.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo 

Dinner with Santa @ToEatonCentre

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A few weeks ago I won a private dinner with 9 of my friends in Santa’s Log Cabin (thanks to My Fash Avenue). The cabin is located just outside the Eaton Centre, downtown Toronto. I chose to spend the evening with my sister, a few of my cousins, my cousin’s two-year-old daughter, and my best friend. After the missions we pulled getting there (Toronto’s subway system doesn’t really accommodate strollers), we stepped out into the crisp winter evening and spotted Santa’s Cabin. Excitement filled our lungs as we snapped photos of what would be our personal cabin for the next few hours.


The cabin was exactly how I pictured it, warm and toasty, stocked with gifts, toys, a work station, and the most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve ever laid my eyes on. We sat down to a beautifully set table in the middle of the cabin and did what we do best, eat and talk. It’s not very often that we can all find a day to get together and to have most of my favourite people at one table was truly magical. Call me crazy but I think it was a Christmas miracle.


After a delicious meal catered by Trattoria Mercatto, we waited patiently for Santa.


His arrival was epic.

My cousin’s daughter became serene and silent, playing shy at first, but she answered Santa’s questions with thought and precision. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of Santa, seriously I don’t think she let herself blink!


The best part of the evening was not the food, or jolly old Santa, or the delicious desserts that ended the evening, the best part was spending time with my family and best friend. There were no distractions. There was no drama. Only laughter and smiles all around. It felt so good to spend time with my family, I may have even teared up a few times that evening (my heart grew two sizes that night). There was something entirely magical about the experience, it reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas, and I’ll never forget it.

Thank you to Deanne from My Fash Avenue, the Toronto Eaton Centre, Trattoria Mercatto, and the PR mavens that made the evening possible.

And to my dinner guests…


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

@PenguinCanada’s Daily December Delights!

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I’m super excited to be part of Penguin Canada’s Daily December Delightswhere YOU (an avid reader and awesome individual) will be introduced to a different book every day of the month! Not only that but you can enter to win a copy of these books every day! There’s also a chance to win a $750 Library from Penguin — talk about a Happy Holiday! Myself and many other wonderful bloggers will be reviewing the featured books to help you narrow down which title is perfect for you!


Get ready to Rock and Roll READ!

We’re already on day THREE!

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo



I think I’ve found a way to combat the Winter blues without maxing out my credit card or eating tub after tub of ice cream: KEEP ACTIVE AND SMILE! Instead of swelling on the things that aren’t going right or the things that are weighing you down, go out and do something else. I’ve spent an entire week with a frown on my face, walking around like some spoiled sour puss, complaining about a number of things when I really should be doing something. Instead of complaining about the difficulty I’m having finding a job, I should be looking for ways to improve my resume and myself. So I’ve signed up for a Marketing course and I’m going out and networking. I’m going to broaden my horizons and work harder than I ever have.


…or at least that’s the plan. Instead of getting upset at the first sign of struggle or defeat, I’ll use it to motivate me. I’ll forget about all of the timelines I made for myself, I’ll forget about rushing to “start my life” and I’ll focus on making myself better NOW. Because when you’re your own reason to smile, no one can wipe it off your face!

Here’s to a a wonderful December full of laughter, love, family, HARD WORK, and DEDICATION.

large-1Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo



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Date-nights with my man are my favourite nights for many reasons, I like to dress up, I like to see him dressed up, I love our no cell phones /talking only rule, and well, I love spending some quality time with him. As far as the dressing up part goes, he looks so handsome with his dark jeans and black shirts, dress shoes, and swanky jackets BUT there is one thing missing. A watch. I know, I know, what the heck do you need a watch for when you have a cell phone? Who really cares about the time anyways? Time doesn’t run my life!  Even so, it’s something he’s always wanted and it really completes an outfit! So, since Christmas is creeping up on us I thought I’d share my favourite men’s watches with you. It’ll make a fabulous gift for the special man in your life.

Hugo Boss Orange $160 – for the sporty guy that brightens your world 

Michael Kors Oversized Lexington $335 – for the gold-lover 

Vestal Plexi $400 – for the guy that could actually pull this off 

Diesel Daddy Radar $420 – for the complex fellow

Emporio Armani $495 – for the simple and understated

Now ladies, I know what you’re thinking — what about ME? WATCH IT! has put together a CELEBRITY COUPLE ALTER EGO gift guide to help your man find YOU the perfect watch!


Which celebrity couple are you?

Let me know in the comments!

Talk soon, 

Vanessa  Xo

Christmas is coming….

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I know that it’s only November but it’s never too early to think about your Christmas shopping list! I’m pretty lucky in the sense that I do Kris Kringle with my family and with my boyfriend’s family. This not only limits the amount spent per person but it limits the number of people I have to buy for. Not that I don’t want to buy gifts for everyone, it just gets extremely expensive and stressful! Since we’re going to be picking names for Kris Kringle soon, I thought I would put together a little Holiday Gift Guide for Her (and under $100).

Good Morning Beautiful Mug $10

Rouge Peony iPhone 5 Case $17.95

Pure Heroine CD $18.28

Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines $23.95

Bare Love Beauty Full Collection $28 – $58

GUESS Cross Studded Foil Tee $49

Michael Kors SEXY AMBER Perfume 50mL $75

Hillberg & Berk Aurora Lux Ring $95

So what if this list doubles as my personal Christmas wish list 😉 ? So what if all of the products are from my favourite brands and stores (Chapters, Michael Kors, The Red Bow Shoppe)? I’m sure a few of these products will be loved by someone on your “TO BUY FOR” list! The best part about this list is that no matter your budget, there’s something here for that special friend/girlfriend/bestie/sister/mom/random.

largeHappy shopping and don’t forget to add a personal hand-written note with every gift you give. It’ll make your special someone feel that much more special. It’ll show them that you’re buying them something because they MEAN something to you, not just because it’s Christmas!

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

My dreams were HUGE at the age of Thirteen…

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In 2002 my class made time capsule ornaments. I had forgotten all about said ornament until my mom decided to clean out the Christmas decorations. I was going to just let it be, hang onto it for a few more years, but the yellowed paper, so neatly rolled up, surrounded by confetti and cotton wanted to be read (as all notes do).


My cheeks reddened as the memory of this little scribble slapped me square on the face. I read it out loud to my Mom, then handed it to her so she could read it herself. Mom smiled and laughed, as if she knew exactly what was written on that sheet the whole time. At first I was going to throw it away, what need do I have for this scrap paper? But then I decided to tape it into my most recent diary as a reminder. At the age of thirteen (TEN YEARS AGO), I wanted to be in a movie, I wanted to be famous. I had big dreams and an even bigger imagination apparently…

I should probably let you know that I was NOT in the third instalment of Harry Potter — although my British accent isn’t too bad — nor am I famous. My dreams have changed and sometimes I find that with the ignorance of childhood clearly behind me, I give up on dreaming bigger or hanging onto the dreams that I already have. I become a little negative and I put myself down — the same way I put my thirteen-year-old self down after reading the capsule. Aloud I stated “Oh my god, what a loser I was!”

How RUDE is that, Vanessa? Jeeze, how about an apology?!

I kept this capsule as an apology to my thirteen-year-old self and as a gift to twenty-three-year-old me. It will forever remind me of how hopeful I was and how big I can let myself dream.


Love Always

Vanessa Xo

You may say I'm a dreamer…


photo copy

Yesterday at work I looked out the drive-thru window and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but giant white snowflakes falling slowly all around. When I got home from work I made sure all of the Christmas lights were on in the house, then I made a green tea, grabbed a cozy blanket, sat in front of the TV, and watched One Day.


It was wonderful – I ordered the novel because now I MUST read it.


Yesterday evening I felt so light, so full of love. I believed in magic, in romance, in the spirit of Christmas, and it all started with a light dusting of snow. I don’t know how long this feeling will last but I wanted to share it with you, in hopes that you might feel it too.

Even just for a moment.

Love Always
Vanessa Xo