Christmas Gift-Guide

Just for Fun, Products and Brands

I’ve seen a lot gift-giving blog pots recently but none for people like myself. So here is my first ever gift-giving guide/suggestions for the BOOK NERD BLOGGERS in your life <;3


1. The best books I read in 2012:

2. Volant Large Ruled Notebook by Moleskin from Papyrus (my favourite notebooks to date – seriously I spend a lot of time with them) $12.95

3. Writers are made of 10% water and 90% coffee, so a witty coffee mug will delight them. This “Always Blog on A Full Tank” mug can be found here $10.00

4. Bookish shirts are amazingly awesome. The “GO TO HELL I’M READING” shirt can be found here $28.99

5. Every writer wants a typewriter to display nicely in their lavish office or Beauty and the Beast library. I’m swooning over this vintage typewriter, found it on Etsy $303.39

What are you buying for the book-loving, coffee-drinking, blogging, old-fashion-pen-and-paper-Writer-friends in your life?

Love Always
Vanessa Xo