Trind Nail Care [Product Review]

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I have a bit of an obsession with nail polishes. I love getting manicures but am perfectly capable of doing my  nails on my own too. I have pretty good nails they’re strong and they grow like weeds but since I’ve done shellac a few time I find that my nails haven’t been the same. They chip, they peel, and they look godawful most of the time. I’ve been yearning to test out Trind Nail Care since my editor at Chic Darling told me how awesome they are.

Trind Cosmetics is a Dutch company which devleps unique products in the field of nail and hand care. Trind products are distingushed from other hand and nail care products are they are based on the natural consistency of the nail, cuticle and hands.Trind products make the nail strong and beautiful without disturbing the structure of the nail. The basis of Trind is highly effective and active products that are uniquely formulated, consisting of nourishing ingreidents of Keratin and numerous vitamins.


I received a press release a few weeks back from Charming Media, letting me know that Trind Polishes are now available on The Shopping Channel so I requested a sample and thankfully they obliged. They sent me Step 2 (Cuticle Balsam), Step 3 (Nail Magic Buffer), and Step 4 (Nail Balsam) of their 6 Step System. You’re supposed to use the Cuticle Balsam and Nail Balsam daily for two weeks and then after two weeks only once a week for maintenance. The great thing about these balsams is that you can put a colour on right after them too! Out of sheer laziness and nail neglect I’ve only been using this system once a week BUT I can already see a huge difference in my nails. They aren’t peeling as much, they’re harder, and my cuticles aren’t as dry, I can only imagine what they will look like once I use them properly!

Trind also has a huge collection of what they call Caring Colors Nail Polish that were specially developed to maintain the health and vitality of your nails after getting them in top shape from using our nail care products. Their colours are beautiful and vibrant. I especially love the Pastel Purple, Dark Tan, Ocean Pearl, and Light Salmon. I hope to invest in some of these beautiful polishes soon!


What do you think about Trind Polishes and their 6 Step System? Would you give them a try?


* All italicized statements are direct quotes from the Trind Nail Care Website and/or PDF Manual

* I was given Steps 2-4 of the system by Charming Media in exchange for an honest product review

Job hunting, failing, and all things necessary

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I’m currently reading #GIRL BOSS by Sophia Amoruso, filled with witty anecdotes, great advice, and life stories, Sophia’s book is just what I need. I’m job hunting again, ya’ll know this, but this time there’s a hint of desperation in my voice, in my cover letters. It’s getting overwhelming.

The other day I was listening to the radio and  heard the hosts talking about college and university. How parents and young people go to school, take Liberal Arts programs, finish school and struggle to find a job. Not only that but they spend FOUR LONG YEARS gaining ‘skills’ that are useless in the workforce. They come out of school thinking that they will be hired for being awesome, that they’ll make great money, love their jobs, and get to spend lavishly. I am was one of those people. The truth is that that doesn’t happen and if you’re taking a Liberal Arts program you have to remember that you might not land the job of your dreams, you might end up doing something a little less glamorous but that’s life. You have to work and work hard until you get somewhere you’re happy with. It’s all about gaining experience, crawling before you walk, and walking before you run.

Please don’t get me wrong I am ALL for dreams. I have big dreams and even greater hopes for my future. I always thought I would be something awesome, working hard in the city, wearing heels to work, living and breathing my job, being recognized for what I do because I’m awesome at it. The problem is that I could never picture the “it”. Yes, I want to write and be known for it. I would also love to work in publishing, spend my days surrounded by books, but I don’t know what exactly I want to do in publishing. I’m not complaining that nothing awesome has happened to me. I’m confident that one day it will. I truly believe that if you find something you love you should find a way to get paid for doing it, you just have to understand that it doesn’t come easy. Nothing ever does and it’s okay to not have it all figured out.

I am in awe of women who seemingly have their shit together. Women that are doing what they love, kicking ass and rocking the world. Valerie from Charming Media, the ladies of TSOQ, my editor at Chic Darling, and the loveable Casie Stewart are women (close to home) that inspire me. What I forget to remember is that they didn’t just land where they are now by sitting around doing nothing and for a time I am certain that they were all a little lost and confused about where they wanted to go in life. BUT they made it, they persevered and they are doing what they love. They gained EXPERIENCE and that is what I must do now.  Maybe if I focus a little less on where I want to end up and focus more on trying new things, something truly wonderful will fall into place.


Your challenge as a #GIRLBOSS is to dive headfirst into things without being too attached to the results. When your goal is to gain experience, perspective, and knowledge, failure is no longer a possibility. Failure is your intention.


– Vanessa Xo

Quote from page 138 of #GIRLBOSS

Spark Sessions Conference: November 16 – 17

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Have you heard? All of my favourite fashion and beauty bloggers have put together an amazing conference and it’s coming up fast! It’s the first ever Spark Sessions Conference complete with incredible speakers; Jeanne Beker (OMG), Alexander Liang (Entrepreneur and EIC of Kenton Magazine), Valerie Stachurski (Principal at Charming Media and EIC at I’m Charming You), and Sarah Kelsey (EIC of Stylelist Canada) just to name a few. It’s your chance to network and learn from the leaders of the fashion and beauty industry in Toronto. Whether you’re a blogging vet, a fashion aficionado, a newbie blogger, or just interested in learning more about fashion and beauty there’s definitely something for YOU at this conference. With panels including Being a Blogger: Networking, Image and Events, The Business of Blogging, and Getting Published – How to Pitch to Editors, there is tonnes to learn and so much to gain. There’s also an opening night party, speed dating with brands, and a surprise activity to look forward to! I’m totally jealous of anyone attending this conference (I’ll be out-of-town that weekend). I already know a few ladies heading to this conference and I know they can’t wait to meet YOU — you should get your ticket NOW!


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

I love LOFTing (not loafting, although that’s cool too)

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Yesterday I got to Party Like A LOFT Girl thanks to Valerie at Charming Media. It was my first time stepping into a LOFT store and only my second fashion event — I’m hoping to attend them more often, I’m learning so much about fashion and I’m finding my own style. You can read my recap on Chic Darling but here’s a sneak peek to hold you over!

Needless to say I had an awesome time, I took my best friend and I was happy to see that she was enjoying herself as well. We shopped, we mingled, then we went to grab a coffee — something we haven’t done in a few weeks. Gosh I missed my best friend, thanks for coming with me Katri! ❤

This happened.

This happened.

Apart from the lovely event I attended I was in one of those moods all weekend — you know those moods where anything can set you off, make you nervous, make your skin crawl with anger? I was the crabbiest person I’ve been in a while and I took it out on the wrong people.

<— And then this happened. My heart melted, puddles formed in my eyes, and I wondered why the heck have I been such a bitch this weekend? I can’t even tell you the answer to that. It might be nerves, it might be anxiety. Either way, I forgot about everything the second I bent down, reached behind my tire and picked up the five dollars that were hidden there.

*Cue goofy smile, guilty heart, and lifted soul.*

Note to self: don’t take out your sadness, fears, or frustrations on anyone — least of all the people who love you and think about you even when you’re being a bitch.

Love Always

Vanessa Xo

P.S Stay tuned this week for some FOODIE FUN! ❤

Minling Pan Studio Spring Preview [RECAP]

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My first contributing post to Chic Darling is up! You can check it out here!  I also wanted to post a few more pictures from the event so you can see what Minling Pan Studio can offer to your wardrobe 🙂

















Thanks again to Minling Pan Studio, Valerie, and Chelsea for such a fabulous event!

Love Always

Vanessa Xo

Nails done, hair done, everything DID

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…Okay so I only got my hair did but I love it! I tried out a deal from Buytopia this morning and feel the need to share it with you right away. Buytopia is running a deal with A&B Creative Looks in Woodbridge:

$29 for a Wash, Cut, Style, Blow Dry, Deep Conditioning Treatment and Partial Highlights

A & B Creative Looks Beauty Salon & Spa ($120 Value)


I did everything but the partial highlights (I have virgin hair and I want to keep it that way). The deep conditioning treatment was fantastic — it felt like a scalp massage. It was so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep and the conditioner smelled GREAT. I’m very picky about who cuts my hair and how they do it, so checking out this deal for ya’ll was a BIG risk on my part.

Thankfully Ranjit took this…


AND turned it into THIS…


GAWD! I hate selfies but I love the way Ranjit cut, styled, and blow dried my hair. It feels smooth and silky, and it’s actually shiny! If you’re looking to purchase this deal please start by using my Buytopia affiliate link — that way they know who sent you ;). Click HERE!

I’ll be checking out an event at Minling Pan Studio tonight with my lovely friend Lina! The recap will be on the Chic Darling website soon.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day, I’m off to part-time job #2!

Love Always
Vanessa Xo