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Founded in 2011, is an online marketplace that enables artisans, artists and designers in the Middle East to sell their creations worldwide with no barriers. As a new and potential customer to it’s wonderful to see so many beautiful, unique, and handcrafted products. I have three favourite stores already and I need to share them with you! 

I love accessories so I spent my morning looking through their products and various stores that they deal with. My absolute favorite is Misk. Misk is a story located in Egypt – it is a line of handcrafted women accessories, “each piece is an idea of its own, carefully selected, and designed”. Their lockets are beautifully designed and engraved with heart-felt words like ‘My heart and its key belongs to you’  and ‘May the light within you guide the light within me and may the light within me guide the light within you’. These words are written in Arabic Calligraphy, adding an extra element of beauty to each piece. Their necklaces would make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for any loved one in your life. 

Another store that I love is Peaches by Farah Saheb – located in Jordan. Peaches “is an online store where each item is designed with love. The store provides cushions, mobile covers and canvas artwork”. The artwork is bold, fresh, and exotic. A canvas from this shop would make an excellent focal point for any room in your home. I love the Pink City print and the Earrings print — so different and warm from any prints I’ve seen at our local IKEA store. 

Lastly, Peau Féroce or  Wild Skin is “a high-end fashion brand that creates a limited edition handmade products of 100% genuine leather material at affordable prices for both men and women”. From shoes to handbags to belts, I’m telling you that I’ve never seen anything like them. I know that Vintage is in but I think that unique and limited edition products is more what people want than anything and THIS store (located in Lebanon) is JUST the thing you’re looking for. 


Their Chikes Nili S bag is probably my favourite item of theirs. The colour is so vibrant  — I need to have it!

Have you checked out yet? 

Love Always

Vanessa Xo