Bursting the Bubble [Week 3 – Part One]

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This week, Bursting the Bubble will be split into two sections, one I will post tonight and the other tomorrow morning – I think you’ll understand why once you’ve read both posts. I don’t think this whole Bursting the Bubble thing could be complete or as effective without an attempt to understand and learn about the world around me, not just the beautiful block where my office is located. The day after the Boston Marathon bombings, I picked up a copy of the local paper and commandeered a copy of The Globe and Mail from the office. I poured over them, devoured information, details, and photographs. I then Youtubed, searched Twitter hashtags, and went through various News photos and reports.

I became a collector of stories, real stories (or as real as any outlet of media allow them to be). I’m not going to sit here and hash out a week’s worth of news but I will say that whatever bubble I’ve been living in over the years has made me blind and naive. However, I’m proud of the fact that I’m not desensitized by all that is going on around the world. Some stories brought me to tears, others tugged at my heart, some made me fear for my own safety, and others made me wonder why certain things happen. I know we can’t stop our lives or live in fear when bad things occur close to home or even far away but I think it’s important to be aware of them – they are someone else’s reality.

I now understand the importance of knowing even just a little bit about what’s going on in the world and although I may not get a chance to read the paper every day, with the dawn of social media there is no excuse good enough to walk around in a cloud of ignorance, in naive bliss. I might not be able to change the world by reading the paper but there are ways to help – sometimes bringing attention to a subject is enough.

Sometimes it’s just the spark that’s needed…

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Love Always

Vanessa Xo