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The transformation is nearly complete (just have to put up some of my travel photos) and every single time I walk into my room I hardly recognize it.  It is truly amazing what a coat of paint and a new comforter can do for a room. I kept the same furniture, moved it around slightly and cannot believe how much bigger and brighter the space feels. My bookshelf is now the focal point and my dark furniture really pops against the taupe walls. The coral adds a little colour to the room and make me smile every single time I look at it.  I feel calmer and more focused while writing at my desk, I can even look out my window and ponder (very writerly huh?). I can breathe easier when I’m in my room and my family hasn’t really seen my in days. Seriously, I LOVE this bedroom.

This new bedroom / office space represents who I am right now so much better than the dark purple dungeon I used to call mine. It’s chic, simple, sophisticated, and grown up. It’s calm, warm, and collected. Now that my work space better reflects who I am, I find that I’m changing other things along with it. You may have noticed that the blog is going through its own transformations too (new header and theme), I’m keeping my eyes peeled for all kinds of new content, I’m even looking for different kinds of jobs. I’ve been going through a bit of a stressful time lately and am learning some interesting things every single day. I’m getting stronger, I’m continuously writing down dreams, goals, aspirations and I’m looking for ways to make them happen. I’m not crying over what I can’t have or what isn’t working out for me. I’m moving forward. Every. Single. Day.



* Before photos taken with the iPhone5!

* After photos taken with the Lumia 1020!