You can’t predict the weather but you can weather the storm.

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I cannot believe how quickly this weekend flew by! I spent my weekend about three hours away from home with a few fantastic ladies to celebrate my bestie’s bachelorette. I packed my bikini and sunscreen in hopes that I would soak up some sun and FINALLY get a tan this summer. Sadly, even after a little sun-dance, it stayed hidden behind the clouds.

A cool wind and constant rain kept us inside but we made the most of the weekend. Eating, sleeping, drinking the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had, watching Bridesmaids, gossiping, and relaxing in my sweats turned out to be exactly what I needed. You never know what can happen when you bring together a group of women (some of which don’t know each other). I’m thankful that well all got along, got to know each other better, and made a few memories over the weekend too.

IMG_7845 IMG_7853 IMG_7852

You wouldn’t think that a Bachelorette would bring about some intense thoughts but as I sat around and observed the conversations being had, I learned more about myself than I bargained for. In order to be successful I need to be as confident as the girls I was surrounded by this weekend. In larger groups I gravitate to the background or stick to the only person in the room that I know and that has to stop. The only one judging me is myself and I need to get over my self-consciousness in order to change and grow as a person and a professional. To be a #GIRLBOSS (although no one used that term this weekend) I need to stop making excuses for myself and to try harder. I need to know that I am doing everything I possibly can to live the life I want and I cannot give up. I also have to learn when to let something go and just have FUN.

Thanks to the Real Party Girls of Kathryn’s Bachelorette for teaching me all of this and so much more!


Best Medicine

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“If laughter is the best medicine, then this weekend cured me of all that ailed me.”

This weekend I hosted my sister’s bachelorette party and I have to admit that I had an amazing time! It’s not very often that you get 20 women in a room and they ALL get along!

Friday night mission to Wal-Mart - time to prep!

Making cakes after a long day of work!

Limo full of ladies!
Thanks Diamond LIMOS!

The beautiful bride-to-be ready for some belly dancinnnn!

All the ladies upon arriving at FLIRTY GIRL FITNESS...

... I wasn't included in that last picture.

After our hour of belly dancing!
Good times ladies 😉

After dancing it was time for pizza, drinks, games, and CAKE!!
I helped make them!

A few drinks and a game of Kings later - Vanessa is ready for sleep.

As you can probably tell, I spent the entire weekend at my sister’s house and I can’t explain how surreal it was. On Friday we went to Wal-Mart and did all of the prep work for the next day. While icing the penis cakes, I found myself thinking “Wow, I’m icing cakes for my sister’s bachelorette… in her house!”

And then this happened…

It was really amazing to hang out with my sister all weekend but now that the bachelorette is over, I realize that she is getting married in only two weeks and six days! WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO?! I could’ve sworn that I was just helping Richard pull off the-best-proposal-ever and now it’s almost time for me to write my wedding speech, help my sister move out of my parent’s house, and watch her walk down the aisle.

WTF! Time, can you please slow down a little?

I think I should stop this post now, before the waterworks begin. But first I’d like to thank all of the ladies who attended the bachelorette for making it an amazing experience! I cannot put into words how much you all made me laugh and how great it was to spend the weekend with all of you! Thank you for being there for my sister and for being good sports when the dance instructor said we were AMAZING and HOT – even though we knew she was lying ;). And thanks for teaching me how to play KINGS, you all have great singing voices :P. With all that said, I’m sure Jessica appreciates it even more so than I do – so thanks!

And Jess, thanks for trusting me to plan such an epic party! I love you and we will have more sister-bonding-sleepover weekends soon!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Monday!

Love Always
Vanessa Xo