Sunday Morning Antiquing

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Mom and I took a drive over to Inglewood Antique Market on Sunday morning. The sun beamed as we rode along back street after back street. We passed roads that lead to my high school, a pizza place on Airport Road that we frequented, and a restaurant we saw on You Gotta Eat Here that we went to as a family. Memories everywhere, a reminder of how far I’ve come since I last drove on those roads, the friends I still have and the ones that didn’t last. Highway 10 is a gorgeous sight in the Fall, trees as far as the eyes can see on either side of the road, changing from lush green to a burning red and fiery orange. It smells like change.


We pulled up to the market and were greeted by an orange cat looking to cuddle and an elderly man with a long nose, white hair, a gentle smile, and a spring in his step. I didn’t take many photos because there was so much to look at. Mirrors, vintage luggage, typewriters, chairs, tables, old milk bottles, tea sets, purses, books, toys, beautiful dressers, jewelry, and tonnes of unique pieces for the home. The prices were amazing and the product in such incredible condition, you can tell that the owners take pride in what they bring into their market. My mom was amazed at all of the treasures we found and we plan to go back when it’s time to buy Christmas gifts.

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“Vintage books, old china, antiques; maybe I love old things so much because I feel impermanent myself.” 
— Josh Lanyon
Talk soon,
Vanessa Xo


Adventures great and small

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Adventures great and small are yours for the taking, anytime and anywhere you decide to sit back and open your eyes. Whether the adventure includes a 40 minute drive or an 8 hour flight, your life can change (or at very least your attitude) dramatically.

IMG_0336 IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0340The sticky summer sun shone brightly as we ventured the streets of Toronto, walking through parks, taking photos, stopping by St. Lawrence Market, and even grabbing a couple of beers and cosmos before dinner. A simple little Saturday that was so out of our norm, it felt like an adventure. The streets we roamed were familiar since I walked them often while interning but with a hand to hold it felt new and fresh.

I think the key to enjoying every single “normal” day is to do one or two things differently. Eat somewhere new, take a walk some place you’ve never been, take a long drive way up north, and travel. But always remember to go places you want to go and do the things you want to do, don’t do things because you think you should. Any adventure, great or small, is an adventure worth having after all.


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

Destination Unknown

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My LIFE-GPS has been a bit wonky lately…


It’s lead me to dead-ends, kept me driving around in circles, told me to go left when I should go right, and it’s even taken me down some unassumed roads. When we’re at a fork in the road my GPS spits out, “” in its sweet robotic voice. I scream in reply, “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE LEADING THE WAY!”

Whenever I look up my destination, it’s never the same. My destination is always changing. My LIFE-GPS has a mind of its own.

I’ve always had a plan, a goal, a dream, a destination. Lately I’m finding that I have a goal and a dream but I’ve left the other two behind. No plan. No destination. Every post I write, every job I apply for, every event I go to, is leading me somewhere… to something. But where?  I know where I don’t want to be and what I don’t want to do and maybe that’s enough right now.


I’m terrified because I don’t know my destination.

I’m excited because I’m finally enjoying the journey.

I’m free to try anything and everything.

Adventure calls.

Love Always 

Vanessa Xo

HIYA Jack!

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Yesterday I found this article on my Flipboard app – if you don’t feel like reading it, it’s about the best life advice from Jack Kerouac. I have never read any of his work but I did spend the last few minutes or so googling his bio and famous quotes.

I have two favourite quotes of his (that may even urge me to pick up a copy of his books).

“…we all must admit that everything is fine and there’s no need in the world to worry, and in fact we should realize what it would mean to us to UNDERSTAND that we’re not REALLY worried about ANYTHING.” – The Dharma Bums

How true that is. So many times in life we make ourselves worried, angry, or depressed. So many times we make lists in our head (or even write them down), we stress about saving money (or spending too much), we worry about how we look and what our future looks like, we make a Da Vinci’s code out of what someone says to us because they must have meant something more when they told you “You look great tonight!”.

When things are going great, we think of all the possible things that could go wrong. When things aren’t going well, we think of ways that they can get WORSE. Most times, we really don’t have ANYTHING to worry about – and yet we worry. We make ourselves sick with anxiety and depression for absolutely no reason. This needs to stop.

“UNDERSTAND that we’re not REALLY worried about ANYTHING”.

That is my second favourite quote. Read it again. It gives me goosebumps .

Happy Wednesday!

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo