Aladdin the New Musical [Recap]

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posterYesterday night the boyfriend and I FINALLY used our Airmiles Reward Miles to check out Aladdin The New Musical. Our package included dinner at one of 10 or so restaurants (we chose Fred’s Not Here), tickets to the show, two coat check vouchers, two drink vouchers, and two snack vouchers.

Dinner was lovely but it was nothing compared to the show: the sets, acting, costumes, and songs were absolutely stunning. Each scene blended into the next flawlessly and I was seriously impressed by the number of costume changes (it seemed like they changed into a new outfit every minute or so). Not only was the show a spectacle for the eyes but it was a treat for the ears as well, Aladdin’s voice gave me goosebumps and Jasmine’s voice melted my heart.

I loved that they took the story that we call grew up with and made it a little bit more modern. Most songs were the same as in the Disney movie but they added some great new ones, like Proud of Your Boy. A song that Aladdin sings to his mother who passed away, a song that shows how great he really is, how he’s more than just a street rat. The song added real depth to the musical.

High Adventure creditchrisbennion

With new songs came new characters, like Aladdin’s three best friends. They were hilarious and I loved the way they interacted with the audience! Their jokes were clearly for the new generation but were still understood by the older members of the audience. The children were mesmerized by the various characters and their big personalities — the actors who played the Genie and Iago were incredible.

Aladdin, Toronto 2013

My favourite scene in the play was the magic carpet ride, it left me breathless. One second you’re looking at Jasmine’s room and the next the windows break apart and are pulled in all different directions off of the stage. You’re left with a dark sky, a great big moon, and stars everywhere. Jasmine and Aladdin are singing their hearts out on the magic carpet, floating across the stage, as the stars get brighter and brighter.

Aladdin, Toronto 2013

And just like that, you’re in a whole new world, wishing you could go for a ride on that carpet with the love of your life.

If I could, I would watch this musical every single night until it’s over.


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo