The Bride’s Diary – Choosing a Hashtag


The Bride's Diary

We all know the implications of having a wedding in today’s society — it will live on Instagram and various other social media tools. In fact the my fiancé proposed to me as I asked him what do you think our wedding hashtag will be? True story. On the scale of wedding plans, the hashtag is (or should be) very last on the list. After speaking with our Officiant, I’m realizing how necessary it is.

Think about all of the moments your guests are having that you’ll miss; you can’t be everywhere at once. Think about all the photos that you want to take but can’t because you don’t have your phone on you. Think about all the photos taken by your aunts or cousins that you look awful in. Having a hashtag makes it easy to keep track of the photos that are on the internet. It allows you to call up your aunt and ask her nicely to delete that photo you hate (not that I think I’ll do this but still). It allows you to see your wedding from your guests’ point of view.

Personally I’m not a fan of long wedding hashtags. By the time your guests finish typing it out they’ll have missed another Instagram-worthy moment. I found a website that generates a bunch of hashtags for you based on the names of you and your fiancé. WeddingHashtagWall generated loads of hashtags to choose from. We went with something simple #AV2016, although I also like to include #MrsBuch on all of my wedding related posts as well. What’s your favourite wedding hashtag?

Love Always,

Vanessa Xo

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