Samsung Galaxy Alpha [Product Review]

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Back in September, I got to test out the Nokia Lumia 1020. Since then I’ve been drooling over three phones: the LG G3, Moto X, and the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Well my Christmas wish has been signed, sealed, and delivered because Samsung sent me a beautiful sleek white Alpha to test out for two weeks.

Photo from the Samsung Website

Photo from the Samsung Website

First Impressions

  • it’s a great looking phone, reminds me of the iPhone 5
  • light, sleek, and great aesthetic
  • the camera lens pops out in the back (but slightly)
  • it seems fragile, feel like I need a case on it (I’m a klutz)


  • the interface is crisp and easy to use/function
  • obsessed with the font
  • the calendar is so much more functional than the iPhone and super easy to use. You can colour co-ordinate events and shifts at work to ensure that you know where you have to be and when (a OCD person’s dream)
  • has tonnes of options when it comes to editing and filtering photos. You can add stickers and draw on them too
  • apps are easy to download and due to the 4.7″ (119.0mm) display, tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook statuses are easy to read
  • there’s a blinking light for notifications, which I’ve secretly missed from my Blackberry days AND when you slide open your phone, the notifications are sitting nicely at the top so you know exactly what you’ve been missing
  • S Health is downloaded and ready for me to keep track of my fitness
  • although I might never use it, there’s a fingerprint log-in
  • ULTRA POWER-SAVING MODE, do I need to say more?
  • VIRTUAL TOUR MODE for the camera  = AWESOME
  • selfie’s just got easier to take with their “beauty face” mode — it adds a bit of airbrushing to the photo

Every time you try something new, a screen pops up to show you how to use it!

 What I Didn’t Love

  • although the camera is 12 MP — I didn’t find the photos as crisp as the ones on even my iPhone 4, but HECK I COULD GET USED TO IT BECAUSE THIS PHONE ROCKS!!

Thank you to Samsung Canada and Lianne for making this trial possible! Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

 – Vanessa

One thought on “Samsung Galaxy Alpha [Product Review]

  1. Hi Vanessa, it’s Jeanne. I need a new phone but am afraid to leave my iPhone behind because of iTunes. Do you know if I would lose all those songs if I switched to the Samsung?

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