Word of the Week [CATALYST]

Word of the Week


Contrary to popular belief I was a very quiet child. I said more things in my head than I did out loud. I remember being afraid to talk, afraid that I would be made fun of or get interrupted. When I was twelve, I couldn’t take it anymore. My fear grew wings and I picked up a pen. My fear inspired me to start writing, to let it all out. I began writing poetry, short stories, and “screen plays” in my diary. I wrote about my days at school, about my parents, and about my siblings. I wrote because it felt good. Since then I’ve learned to share my writing, I’ve met many people who push me harder, who challenge me, and who inspire me. I’ve read books that trigger my imagination and get my creative juices flowing. I’ve had many set-backs and faced a bit of criticism but even that forced me to work harder.

I chose CATALYST as the word of this week because sometimes in order to feel motivated you need to look around and open your eyes. You need to listen to what people are saying and allow their words to translate into something that can push you to do more, to do something different, and to try. Sometimes you just need to listen to yourself. You need to open up your heart and let it whisper your deepest dreams and desires.

Be your own catalyst. Make it happen.

“They are the ones who bring meaning to our lives, who happen to inspire, who spark a fire that we carry with us for the rest of our days, who are but pillars of hope and sometimes sacrifice, life-changers, life-savers, catalysts.”
― Chirag Tulsiani

– Vanessa

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