The Woman who Stole my Life [Book Review]


Never have I ever read a ‘chick-lit’ novel with so much happening in it! Stella Sweeny is no fan of karma and has a bone to pick with destiny. One shameless day, this Dublin wife and mother of two decides to do a good dead on the road for a man in a Range Rover. This results in a massive car crash that changes her life.

Spoiler alert, Stella meets Range Rover man again, in a most unlikely situation. It turns out Stella contracts a rare condition where she can’t move or speak. The only way she can communicate is with blinking, and the only person who seems to really communicate with her is her neurologist.

Next up, Stella’s life is torn apart and flipped around. True happiness is just within her reach but in order to grasp it up, she has to risk so much. Somehow or another, this ordinary Mom finds herself living an extraordinary life, one that some people just might want for themselves.

The Woman who Stole my Life is a whirlwind novel that keeps the reader on their toes and in a constant frenzy of flipping pages. I’ll admit that there were times when I wasn’t loving the characters, where I thought this stuff just doesn’t happen, Marian make it better. But in the pages that followed each of those thoughts, I’d find answers and understand reasoning behind that character’s decisions.

If you’re looking for a smart, sassy, and sexy novel that will keep you guessing, The Woman who Stole my Life is for you!

– Vanessa


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