Word of the Week [INTREPID]

Word of the Week

This week I have been searching for a word that explains the person I want to be, a trait that I want to embody. I’ve looked up adventurous and the various synonyms that surround it, but it isn’t quite that. I want to be bold in the face of danger (or uncomfortable situations), I want to feel confident in what I have to offer the world (inside and out), and I want to take chances and create experiences. I want people to look at me and think her life may not be perfect, she might be getting rejection slips left-right-and-centre, but at least she’s trying. At least she’s taking a chance on her writing, on herself. 

Somehow or another I found the word Intrepid and I knew it was the word I had been searching for. If you Google the word, you’ll find other definitions, similar in thought but slightly different wording. I hope that no matter what comes my way I can be aggressive be be aggressive intrepid, like my favourite superhero…


– Vanessa

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