Word of the Week [INIMITABLE]

It’s a well-known fact that if you want to write well you must read a lot and often. Reading improves your own writing  in style, form, and vocabulary. I read a lot of great books, magazines, and try to mix up the genres too. I love it when I find a word I don’t quite know the meaning because it’s kind of humbling. Also, I want to have a kick-ass and diverse vocabulary.

This morning I posted a photo of a word on Instagram. It’s a word that I read in Women in Clothesa word that I think is worth sharing. My bestie’s brother commented on the photo and suggested I post a word of the day every Friday. I liked the idea, so welcome to the first WORD OF THE WEEK segment!


“The most compelling women are the ones who are distinctive, who are most like themselves and less like other women. There is no other Marilyn Monroe. There is no other Anaïs Nin. And being as iconic and INIMITABLE as they were would be better than being like either one of them.”
Talk soon,
Quote from page six of Women in Clothes *

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