patience is a necessary nuisance

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My last day at work was a tough one. Tears were not shed but a piece of me will always be in that place, second homes are not easily forgotten no matter how imperfect or stressful or dramatic they are. I worked with such amazing kids (I say kids because they’re closer to 14 than I am), I served fantastic customers who would give me advice or make me laugh when I was having a bad day, and I worked for two people who were more than my bosses, sometimes they were my friends, sometimes they were my grandparents, sometimes they were my therapists. I’m happy and relived that I left on good terms, that their door is always open and that I can return as a customer and a friend. I’m ecstatic that they believe in me and that they wish for me to be successful. I hope I can make them proud. *If you’re ever in town (Bolton) give them a visit, I swear their lattes are the best kept secret in Bolton — the pizza is pretty rad too*

I can be impatient and a little stubborn sometimes, so now that I’m on full-out-job-hunting-mode I’m a little hyper. I want things to happen so I’m going out and getting it — or trying to. I’m feeling the pressure and in spite of those who think me a little crazy, I feel like something awesome is just on the horizon. Dreams, they drive your soul and guide you in the right direction. I might not have a plan but I know that I’m on the right path.

Hope your long weekend is filled with love and light!

Vanessa Xo

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