Saturday Road Trip to Paris

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Have you ever been to Paris — the prettiest town in Canada? The Cobblestone Capital of Canada thanks to its unique cobblestone buildings? No? Well, if I can be honest you aren’t missing much. It’s not as modern and developed as Burlington, it doesn’t have as many quaint shops as St. Jacob’s, and it isn’t as relaxing as Niagara On the Lake (if I may compare it to the places I’ve been to). BUT it does have a certain charm that may just make you fall in love with it.


They were having a street sale when we got there. Loads of vendors, face painting, a jumpy castle, dog treats, singing, and dancing. It was a the perfect day for it too, barely any clouds and beaming sunshine.


Their only hotel just went under some major indoor renovations — we took a peek inside and I must say it is gorgeous. I believe the outside is still the original brick but inside is modern, fresh, and super charming.


Inksater’s is the ONLY store I really wanted to go into and it closed down, which is really unfortunate because I love hard cover books and greeting cards.


This little spot was absolutely breathtaking. We pondered really serious things while standing here…


…and then we took a selfie.

IMG_7416We went for lunch at The Cobblestone Public House — I had fish and chips the size of my head. It was super greasy and delicious. The root beer was the best part of my meal, I wish I ordered a float. 
IMG_7418 I don’t know if you’ll find me back in Paris, Ontario. It was a lovely day and the town is so charming I felt like I was in a different era. The trouble is that I thought it was more like the other towns I’ve visited. It is uniquely its own and I wouldn’t discourage you from visiting BUT after two hours of driving it left me feeling unsatisfied. But then I had this deliciously creamy strawberry ice cream from Eskimoo Joe’s and all was right with the world.

Until my next road trip,

Vanessa Xo

P.S. Know of any quaint town in Ontario? I’d love some suggestions for where should the bf and I go next? LMK in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Road Trip to Paris

  1. I may be biased but Midland is nice 🙂 I mean, there’s not a lot there. BUT you can pop on over to Penetang, too. Both towns are on Georgian Bay and that’s downright amazing. AND I think you’d LOVE the library in Midland. In all the places I’ve lived, that library is still my favourite. It used to be the post office, way back when. And there’s a pretty decent used bookshop downstairs, too. There’s a super cute toy store on the main street (I’m sure you can find something for your adorable little peanut of a niece), and several other little stores that you’d like. If you want some history, head to St. Marie Among the Hurons or Discovery Harbour. Religion? Martyrs Shrine. Nature? Anywhere, really, but the Wye Marsh is neat. Lunch must be had at Dino’s, again on the main street of Midland. But head to Penetang and the Milkshake Factory (I think that’s open…) or the Dock Lunch for ice cream. Plus, if you need another reason to visit, Lindsey went once and fell in love (and then found it amazing that I grew up there). Have I convinced you? 🙂

  2. Woohoo! I’d say go sometime when I’m up but I don’t think it’ll work any time soon. I’m driving up on Saturday the 26 but I doubt I’d be there in time to show you the library. I might be able to spare some time on the Monday, the 28, if that somehow works!

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