Summertime Sadness?

I’ve yet to find sadness in this beautiful summer that we’re having, what I’m finding is quite the opposite. Not only summertime happiness, but hope, choices, and wonder as well. At this stage of my life I’m fortunate enough to have my options open. I could be a freelance writer, continue to look for a job in publishing, I could learn SEO and become an SEO specialist, or even go back to school to become a librarian technician (seriously I’ve been considering it). I could also take a break from all of these life decisions and travel. The trouble is that the more options I have, the more stressed out I feel. I received a wonderful email from a fellow writer and blogger (Not A Model) who noticed how down I’ve been about job hunting and simply advised me to try not to sweat it too much! 

It’s so difficult to enjoy anything when your mind is in stressed-out-over-drive. There is no way I would have enjoyed date-night at Astoria if my thoughts were on my poor interviewing skills or whether I will ever find a job that I really want. There is a slim chance that I would have enjoyed my cousin’s baby shower if I was focussing on my next step. There is an even slimmer chance that I would have enjoyed my first jog of the summer if I had been thinking back to my last interview “disaster” rather than singing along to the music on my iPod. I wouldn’t have felt the blood pumping or my calves strengthening or the oxygen running through my veins. I wouldn’t have run as hard as I did, I wouldn’t be breathing as heavily, nor would I have noticed the warmth of the sun on my back.

So even in the dead heat of summer, I’ll try not to sweat it…

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo


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