A stye in the eye and a silky smooth face

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I don’t think I’ve EVER written about facial products but I feel like I have to share something with you. Last week I developed a nasty stye. I’ve never had one before and I assume that this one was caused by the self-imposed stressed that is eating away at my heart. Nonetheless, there were a few things that I had to do in order to ensure a speedy recovery — no makeup (including the little bit of mascara I usually wear to work), no contact lenses, and no harsh soaps or creams. Except for the engagement party, I’ve stuck to that. I also went to the walk-in and purchased some eye drops and have been putting warm compress on my eyes.



In just a week my skin has completely changed. Blemishes have almost disappeared, I have no pimples, my skin is soft, creamy, and smooth. It seems that I have developed a new skin regimen that actually works, all thanks to this nasty, pus-filled, red, itchy stye. No soap on the face in the morning, simply washing my face with warm water and then applying a thin layer of Olay complete cream for sensitive skin. At night I just was my face with Dove shea butter soap and apply another thin layer of the cream. THAT’S IT!

I guess sometimes, negative things/styes/experiences can lead to good ones…

it just takes time.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

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