how I combat depression…

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…when five important members of my support system are on vacation and I’m having a rough week.

1. Forget about negative comments and unhappy people. Although you’re realistic, you don’t need to keep hearing how hard it is to find a job or how much it sucks to get older or anything along those lines. Remember that you’re young enough to live the life you want to live. Have the courage to ignore the haters and keep on dreaming. 


2. Facetime your family whenever you can. Just seeing the face of your niece or hearing the voice of your sister might make you forget about work related problems.


3. Spend time with the family you have here. Make dinner with your brother and his girlfriend. Go to Burger’s Priest with your Uncle and boyfriend and yap until the rain forces you to go home. Invite your cousin over and make her some pasta with broccoli — then watch Catching Fire and have an open debate about who is hotter (TEAM PEETA!).

4. Invite your besties over and make them dinner. No, you don’t normally cook but you can totally lose yourself in a recipe and still feel in control — it’s getting everything ready at the same time that’s the tough part BUT you’ve got it covered. In fact, dinner comes out perfectly and your besties nearly lick their plates clean. After dinner, make a cake. Forget about your diet and eat the damn cake. Sing songs from your favourite boy bands, gossip your hearts out, discuss the important stuff, and give them the biggest of hugs when they leave, you’ll sleep easier at night.




5. Head up to the cottage for a few days and let the fresh air clear your head. Eat all of those delicious things that are bad for you, drink loads of coffee (with cream), have a glass or two of vino, and treat yourself to good conversations with great people. Try something new, like driving a huge pickup truck or using a screwdriver. Don’t look at the clock, especially when holding hands with the love of your life, while sitting on the dock in the early morning light. Breathe it all in, let it all out. There are so many wonderful things in this world to be happy about.

6. Message your Buddy, she has the best advice, ALWAYS.

“I know buddy but I have accepted that my job doesn’t define me. I need money. So I’ll work and make money. And not worry about what work it is. I won’t give up on finding something great but it is Everything else I do in life is for me.”


Let yourself feel giddy and happy over the littlest of things.

Write your heart out, even if no one reads it.

And that is how I combat depression, my friends.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

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