Good luck charms


I’m the kind of person who believes in good luck charms, karma, superstitions, and premonitions. I believe that positive thoughts will bring about positive results. Yesterday as I was going through my wallet to give my sister a toonie to buy a coffee (good karma), she asked what all the crap in my coin purse was. Well, sister-of-mine, it’s all of my good luck stuff. An American one-dollar bill a little boy gave me, the lotto ticket I won $20 off of, a few horoscopes I cut out of the newspaper at work, and a note from a lovely friend I worked with at Random House. After showing my sister all of these prized possessions and good-luck creators she asked “And how exactly have these things brought you luck?”.

Touché, Jess, touché.

I guess if you take a look at my current situation, carrying around these bits and pieces of paper have not brought on any form of good luck. Not an ounce — and I’ve been carrying these things from wallet to wallet since 2012. Yesterday I got rid of them all. Into the garbage they went (except for the dollar bill, I gave it to my dad who’s bringing it to Costa Rica).

Is it completely weird that not only does my wallet feel lighter but so does my heart? It’s like having those things in there caused more stress than hopefulness. I assumed they were going to make amazing, magical things happen, and every time I opened my wallet I realized they weren’t doing their duty. I’m lucky in other ways and completely thankful and blessed to have this blog, to have met so many great people because of it, to be able to travel, to be healthy, and to have an amazing family, bf, and bffs. BUT I was hoping for luck on the career front and I can’t expect pieces of paper in my wallet to make that happen.

Perseverance, persistance, and patience is the new good-luck charm I’m adopting.

In other words…


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

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