The people you encounter when you're a walking cliche

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The acquaintance you haven’t seen in years who gets off by asking you what you ‘do’ because she/he can tell by your Instagram/blog/Facebook/Twitter that you are doing ‘nothing’. This kind of person needs no explanation. Depending on your mood they depress you or they make you work harder because you’re not doing ‘nothing’, you’re doing everything you want and you’re happy about it.

The customers who take pity on you because they’ve been coming to your establishment since you were sixteen and if they do their math they’ll know that you’re 25 and STILL working there. They give you a few extra dollars when they tip you, they smile at you with warm eyes making you feel both loved and depressed. They know you well enough to ask how the job hunt is going and offer you a sincere, don’t worry dear, something good will come along. I know it! This comment makes you want to hug them and run away screaming.

The genuinely concerned friend(s) who always forces you to look on the bright side. The friend who sends you job postings daily, who wants to help you figure out what you want, and who teaches you how to breathe when your anxiety hits the roof. This friend goes out of her way to listen to you and to be there for you, and you probably would have had a mental breakdown without her.

The sympathetic buddy who is in the same boat. The buddy who will listen to your complaints and fire a few back at you. The buddy who understands you and your frustrations the way no one else can. The buddy who will still make you smile and believe in yourself no matter how grim the situation seems in your mind. The same buddy who understands when you talk in quotes and send her photos like this:


The loving boyfriend who is the only person that makes you laugh uncontrollably. The boyfriend who believes in you no matter what comes your way. The boyfriend who helps you relax, who tries new things with you, and who reminds you that you’re awesome and you shouldn’t want what everyone else has. The patient boyfriend who just wants to make you smile.

The sister who wants you to travel, insisting that THIS is the time to spend your savings and hit the road, to make memories, to write about them, and to find yourself. She’s never read Jack Kerouac but you know she’s onto something…

The brother who makes fun of you but actually feels bad for you, while secretly hoping that his life turns out differently. He doesn’t get why you chose to be a writer but you catch him reading your blogs and your book and know that you’ve done something right.

The parents who wish the best for their kid, who see how hard you’re working and just want something spectacular to happen to you. The parents who support their child no matter what she chooses to do and know that all she wants to do is make them proud. The wonderful parents who would never put pressure on their daughter because she puts enough pressure on herself.

The girl in the mirror who, in her heart of hearts, knows that life is wonderful. Who knows that she’s working hard and that something good will happen. The girl who is happy in her own skin, who is proud of her accomplishments, who will never back down. The girl who may not know EXACTLY what she wants but knows that she’s on the right track. The girl in the mirror who understands that life isn’t about what you do, it’s about who you are. The girl who wakes up every morning with a smile plastered on her beating heart. The girl who is so full of love, and who is trying her very best to not let her head get in the way.


 That girl is me.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

2 thoughts on “The people you encounter when you're a walking cliche

  1. Vanessa, I kicked off my day by reading this! You’re at the right place at the right time and this is thrilling to read. If you need anymore consolation at all; I’m 51 and can totally relate to almost everything here. It would be awesome if so many understood that being a writer doesn’t mean we’re sad, lonely, unsociable and stuck at the end of some kind of branch! I like to remember that every encounter we have, pleasant or nasty is just great material for the next book:)

  2. Thank you so much for the comment Kathy! I am glad my worlds resonated with you and btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I totally agree with you, I wish people understood what being a writer really means! Keep smiling and thank you again for reading!

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