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It’s time to regroup.

The new position didn’t work out as planned and that’s okay.

It’s time to make some lemons or lemonade.


I’m currently reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington and although you’ll have to wait until the end of March to read my review, I’m getting so much out of this book that I’m gushing with ideas. It is EXACTLY the book I needed to read this week. When life gets you down you have to sit back and evaluate what you’re doing, your choices, your markers of success, and how you spend your time (and by you and your I mean I, me and my).


Have I ever talked to you about my sister? I’m sure I’ve gushed about her and how cute my niece is but I don’t think I’ve ever talked at length about her, or my brother. Since the birth of my niece, my sister has become the least selfish person I know — not just with her daughter but with others. She’s taken up this new venture where she’ll send a note to someone that she normally wouldn’t, someone she doesn’t see often, someone that will be really surprised by said note. Nothing is planned, there isn’t a list of people, she just does it when she feels like it, she does it to make someone else’s day.

And my little brother, that giant of an almost-eighteen-year-old, he just returned from Ireland and England, and brought back some very thoughtful gifts. We fight often but the more I sit back and think, the more I realize how much he does for me and for others. He’s super sweet when it comes to his girlfriend and just as thoughtful and understanding when it comes to the family.

photo-2…And then there’s me. Constantly consumed by what I have to do, where I have to go, what I should tweet, who liked my photo, how long it’ll take me to do this or that, rarely stopping to think for a moment about the other people in my house. Barely sleeping and hardly breathing over things I can’t control. Is it middle-child-syndrome or am I just over-thinking about the wrong things? If I put even a fraction of time into hanging out with my family or going for a coffee with a friend or simply relaxing, as I do with planning posts for my blog or looking for jobs or dwelling on my future, I would be much much happier.

So, it’s time to regroup.

It’s time to start again with a different set of ideals and with a different approach to life.

Stay tuned.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

Phil’s-osophy Photo from: Facebook

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