Sometimes I just can't do it

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I love my blog. I do. I love the way it looks, I love the way it feels, and I love that I’ve stuck to my guns as far as content is concerned. But sometimes I just can do it, I don’t FEEL like doing it. I’ll sit at my desk and think: WHAT’S THE POINT?! I’m not making a difference in anyone’s life, am I? This blog isn’t for the GREATER GOOD, it’s for the LESSER ME!


I’ll go through weeks where everything I’ve written is complete crap, I’ll go through days and days of not wanting to share anything on my blog, I’ll stare at a blank screen and let my eyes well up with tears. Today, yesterday and the yesterday before that is one of those days.

I find comfort in knowing that even my favourite blogger goes through this kind of thing too. I find that it happens when I haven’t experienced anything new in a while, when I dream of going on vacation, or when I can’t do something that I really want to do. It happens when I feel uninspired. It happens when I feel forced to write. It happens when I get mad at my blog from distracting me from starting a new novel.

I guess the point is that it DOES happen and the only thing to do is let is pass.

Until then, is there anything you would like to see on My Pen, My Voice?

LMK in the comments!

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

Photo 1 from: April and May

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